New DLC Revealed! | Coiled Captors DLC Gameplay Reveal! (Tiny Tina's Wonderlands)
The release of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is just under a month ago, as the developers of Gearbox Software already provide the Loot Shooter with new content. The first DLC of the season passport already announced in advance will therefore appear on April 21, 2022 for all platforms. In the four planned additional contents, which are supposed to appear as part of the Season Pass, everything revolves around the fortune teller Vespers and their mirrors of the mysteries. The first chapter listens to the name Coiled Captors and leads you to the fight against an old God, who is held by the Naga in an icy mountain captured.

As a starting point for the new adventures, the dream locking view, which is accessible via the Oberwelt near the magnificent hoof. Here you will find a demon fair, where Vesper has built your mirrors of the mysteries. The opponents of the first DLC start at level 13 and scales as usual with your hero. This makes the new content accessible to still quite fresh characters.

Also interesting: Cosplay by Tiny Tina drives you in the madness!

The special feature of Coiled Captors and his final opponent “Chumen” is that this will develop further in the coming weeks after the release of the DLC. For the duration of four weeks, the old God will always accept more powerful forms that equip him with new attacks and skills. His final form achieved Chums on 12 May 2022, assuming you have previously defeated the previous forms.

Of course, in Coiled Captors it is not about the glory to have defeated an old God, but a lot of fat booty. In addition to the usual Loot you collect so-called lost souls with defeated enemies. With these you can shoot the fate wheel in the dream locking outlook, which promises additional new booty. The contents of the DLC also expand the pool of possible opponents and locations of the chaos chamber.

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Whole five new levels layouts should give it. The Season Pass for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Buy Now 53.99 €) is part of the Chaotic Great Edition of the game or separately available for 30 euros. An individual price for the first DLC is not yet known. With Glutton’s Gamble, Molten Mirrors and Shattering SpectroGlass are already the titles of the following adventures. When they are supposed to appear, but is not yet known.

From Matthias Dammes
20.04.2022 at 10:05