In July 2022, BUNGIE, known for the online RPG shooter Destiny 2 , appealed to users who have caused various violations, such as cheats and unauthorized data sales.

The other day, Bungie was reported to be completed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Last month, the company spoofed the company and filed a lawsuit against a person who invited a number of YouTube videos, but the proceedings in the Washington Seattle Court in the United States were in progress. It was revealed.

According to the complaint, the defendant’s name was Luca Leone, and he used cheats in Destiny 2 and distributed the play on a daily basis. In addition, coterie has created 13 accounts so far to escape the BAN violating the terms of use caused by cheats. He also tweeted Bungie’s office building, saying I want to burn it out and repeatedly intimidated the company’s employees.

In addition, BUNGIE also found that the defendant was involved in another violation during the investigation. The same person is a member of the account hacking and sales forum, and is probably stolen SNS accounts and Destiny 2 emblems (on the system, it is impossible to transfer emblem). I point out that.

By the way, as of July 18, the trial seems to be progressing until the summoning form is issued.