Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) -
The countdown to be able to enjoy Sonic 2 the movie is becoming less. It will be the next April 1 when it will be issued in the Spanish cinema halls , so there is just a little more than a week to meet us with the mythical blue hedgehog of Sega and the friends of it. To prepare for your premiere, we remind you of your main plot and key features of a sequel that promises to be even better than the first delivery.

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The reunion with Sonic and company on the big screen

After the events of the first film, Sonic is enjoying a deserved vacation at Green Hills that will soon be interrupted by a new threat… or not so new, since it is the return of the evil Robotnik. This time comes accompanied by a new buddy, Knuckles , and its goal is to look for a powerful emerald that hSonic the power to destroy civilizations. To face the protagonist is not alone, since he hSonic the help of his fatigue partner, Tails , and together they throw themselves into an adventure that will take them all over the world in search of the precious stone to prevent them from It falls into the wrong hands.

“You have forgotten an… unstoppable.”

Thanks to all the trailers and images published over the pSonict few weeks we have been able to see some * speakers of action spectacular in which heroes and villains face directly. In addition, we want to make special mention to the poster in which Dr. Robotnik appears holding the number “2” before the presence of Sonic and Tails, a clear Reference to the Sonic 2 cover of Mega Drive. **

In the original version of the Movie James Marsden repeats on his role by Tom, the human who helps Sonic in the adventure of him. The protagonist hedgehog, on the other hand, will be again Ben Schwartz, while Colleen O’Shaughnessey is in charge of putting Tails and the same Idris Elba provides the deep voice of Knuckles. Finally, and not leSonict, Jim Carrey returns Sonic the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Sonic for the team behind the film, Jeff Fowler returns to the address and Patrick CSonicey and Worm Miller sign the script, accompanied by John Whittington. The epic soundtrack is in charge of Junkie XL again.

After Be a 30 years lSonict 2021, Sonic shows that he is still fit and we can check it next Friday, April 1 in Spanish cinemSonic. In fact, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the film before the rest of the world, since in other countries it will be releSoniced on Monday, April 4. Beyond this promising and long-awaited sequel, we remember that from Meristation we are organizing a super-contest in collaboration with Paramount Pictures Valued in thousands of euros and with several very interesting products. We will tell you more over the next few days, so staying attentive to our communications while you prepared you for the landing on the Great Sonic screen, Tails, Knuckles, Dr.Robotnik and the rest of mythical characters in the saga.