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Venus, the new and terrifying film by Jaume Balagueró with Ester Expósito, is seen in his new trailer

Venus , the new horror movie by the filmmaker Jaume Salguero with the actress Ester Expositor a great protagonist, presents a new and frightening trailer that you can see on these lines, a new advance that immerses us fully in this Lovecraft fable that will reach theaters on the next December 2 , for a poster premiere in prime video , a tape that won the Favor of the public of the Toronto International Film Festival and that recently inaugurated the latest edition of the Fanttic Film Festival of Sites.

Pure Lovecraft terror by Jaume Salguero


Lucia is a dancer at a Techno disco in Madrid. One night, after a show, steal a travel bag full of ecsty pills from the club’s owner. Surprised by the goalkeeper, he manages to escape, but it is stabbed in one leg in the lt second. Bleeding profusely and wanting to avoid the hospital, Lucía seeks refuge at her sister and her nephew, who live in the outskirt on a block of ruinous floors called ‘Venus’, tells us his official synopsis .

Immediately, Lucía begins to notice that there is something strange in that place, well in the behavior of the neighbors who inhabit it. When her sister disappears one morning, Lucia h no choice but to watch over her niece and protect her from an ancient horror that hides behind the walls of the old building, concludes his plot.

Directed by Jaume Salguero with Ester Expositor heading its wide ct, the film also h the participation of Angela Remote, Federico Guido, Fernando Maldives, Inés Fernández and Maui Mira, among others. The script of Venus is in charge of the Salguero next to the two-time Goya Fernando Navarro (Verónica, Secret Origins).

Venus is the second project of The Fear Collection , the Spanish film label specialized in the genre of terror and suspense, created by Sony Pictures International Productions and Poughkeepsie Films (Bani jay Iberia), The Producer of Alex de la Iglesi and Carolina Bang, in sociation with Prime Video .

Venus premieres in cinem on December 2, 2022 to make the leap later to prime video, on a date still to be completed.

The Postapocaliptical Auto Combat game Wreckland Run will arrive at Kickstarter

Renegade Game Studios has been maintained with all kinds of Power Rangers, GI Joe and Transformers releases, but they are also developing new properties, and that includes its newer game that is directed to Kickstarter entitled Wreck land Run. Wreck land Run is a new game of Warp’s Edge Scott Ames designer and the developer TC Petty III, and offers a vehicular combat game full of action set in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world. Like Warp’s Edge, Wreck land Run is part of the Solo Hero Game Series, and the title is scheduled to get to Kickstarter on February 8.

The ad says that the game is full of vehicle butchers, and you will have to recharge gas on your trip, upload your ammunition and prepare for a career full of hazards through Wreck lands. This is a completely new game, so we are not sure how many Warp’s Edge mechanics could continue, but we do know that Warp’s Edge fanatics have something to wait with Wreck land Run.

This is because the Wreck land Run campaign will also have a new expansion for Warp’s Edge, so if you already have the game just Hero Previous, this is an even better value.

We still do not know much more about the campaign or how mechanics work, but you can register to receive notifications about the Kickstarter campaign right here.

If you are not familiar with Warp’s Edge, you can check the official description below, and you can order the game here.

You’re a rookie pilot, Taylor Mind. Trapped in the confines of space, emerges from hyperspace to find the doors of the enemy fleet! You enter the lit guns, but you are not a rival for them. At an instant before you exploit, the Experimental Savior Protocol of the ship transports you at the beginning of the battle. The enemy fleet is once again in front of you. The Nordic ship looming in the distance. But your laser batteries have also been rebooted. You have a second chance, and you know what comes…

Warp’s Edge is a spatial combat game of solo bags. Pilot one of the four star fighters, each of which has its own load of weapons unique. You will face one of the five alien Norris and the fleet that accompanies them. Each confrontation offers a different challenge, pushing you towards new strategies and tactics. You have a limited number of Warps to be successful, so choose wisely while I improve your arsenal and learn new skills!

In this box you will also find a storybook to choose your way, Singularity, written by Banana Chan. This prepares the scenario for game events and reveals the history of Taylor’s background. You can even customize the game settings according to the narrative elections you do!

Pilot your stellar hunting in enemy territory to fight against the enemy fleet and the Nordic ship!
Choose one of the 4 different stellar fighters, each with unique equipment!
Each Warp will restore your position, but now you will have more skills to help you approach the victory!
Includes a storybook from Choose your way to help you personalize your experience!
Designed for a single hero of 10 years or more to enjoy at 30-45 min.


Are you excited about Wreck land Run? Let us know in the comments or, as always, you can talk about everything related to the table with me on Twitter @mattaguilarcb!

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