For 40 days, it has been FootballStar Tom Brady as a NFLs pensioner – and then announced his comeback in the NFL.

“In the past two months, I realized that my place is still on the field and not on the tribune,” wrote the most successful professional of the NFL history on its social media channels with seven Super Bowl victories. He will play another season for the Tampa Buch Buccaneers, with which he won the Super Bowl two years ago and failed two months ago at the recurrence attempt at the later winner Los Angeles Rams. “We have unfinished business”, wrote Brady. That means as much as: there is something else to do. The Bucaneers posted: “He’s Baaackkkk.”

Cheers also with German fans

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Not only in the US, even in Germany, it should have given birth to all fans who have noticed the message before going to bed: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are already known as one of the two teams, which in autumn in Munich the first NFL Play game in Germany. When exactly and against whom is still open, but Brady will now be there and the excitement to increase the game again massively.

How competitive the team will be, with the Brady wants to win the Super Bowl for the eighth time in his career – and nothing else will be the goal – is unclear. Whether his buddy Rob Gronkowski continues his career and continues to play in Tampa, is just as open as the question of how the Bucs want to bind the numerous other release-free professionals for another season. According to ESPN, the squad is currently eleven million US dollars more expensive in maintenance than the rules allow. Certainly as a teammate, Brady has the passee Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

NFLy among the absolutely best

From the 16th of March, the teams officially take players under contract, the unexpected clarity on the most important position helps the Bucs. “Since this decision is now hit we will drive our plans and recharges the squad for another way to the title,” announced Manager Jason Licht. Details about the contract situation Bradys did not exist first and it was unclear how the Bucs deal with the contract signed a year ago.

The fact that Brady is still one of the absolutely best counts and his age has made him slower, but not less dangerous, he proved in the past season. Nobody in the league had so many pass yards (5 316), touchdown pasNFLs (43), successful pasNFLs (485) and pasNFL tests (719) such as the model prior art from California. In all these categories, he also considers the respective NFL record. “He still plays on championship level and was as productive as no one else in the league in the past season,” said coach Bruce Arians and said to be “excited” about the return.

Brady’s work of work and discipline are legendary in the league and probably exceed those of Cristiano Ronaldo, whose record play at the weekend he was still visiting Manchester and then on the Square Photos made with the Portuguese and numerous other United professionals. Both the Premier League Club as well as the Buccaneers are owned by the Glazer family, which might already learn on Saturday by Brady’s plans.

Resignation from resignation

He had still argued on 1 February with his withdrawal of the resignation not to raise the necessary 100% dedication. Instead of the many hours on the training place, traveling and in the gym, he wanted to spend his time with his wife Gisele cuffs and his three children Jack, Benny and Vivi.

But his “supportive family” appeared in the resignation of resignation statement as well as the love of his teammates. The love for victories, successes and records mentioned Brady not explicitly. He did not have to.