Like each new location added to Destiny 2, Nominal is full of secrets and hidden details, which reward the most dedicated players.
As usual, the city soaked in Neon in Neptune houses nine region chests in total, three in each of the locations appointed.
If you have problems finding them, here is a breakdown of where to find three of the nine region with Zephyr contest being the topic of focus on this destination 2: Fall of light guide.

Locations of chests from the Zephyr Concourse region in Destiny 2

As mentioned, there are nine regional chests located in Nominal, so be sure to consult our guide on the six remaining chest locations.
Zephyr Concourse has three that are relatively easy to find, and without further ado, here we show you how to find them.
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Located in the northern section of Zephyr Concourse.
Upon entering Zephyr Concourse from Striders Gate, directly to his left, he will see a red building with the chest on the top of the inclined red ceiling.
Use the awnings to reach the inclined roof, and the chest will be at the top of the inclination.


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Located on the western side of Zephyr Concourse, this chest is trapped behind a glass wall, and must enter through the ventilation duct to reach it.
From this glass wall, turn around and go down to the lower floor of you will find another glass wall with a crack.
Enter this room and follow the vent that will take you to this chest.

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Located on the southeast side of Zephyr Concourse, he will want to look for a giant red neon sign with a white logo in him and three awnings directly under him.
Falling on the left awning and the chest will be there.
That is all you need to know where to find all the chests of the region in Zephyr Concourse in Destiny 2. To get more tips and tricks of Destiny, see our section related below.
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