Techland’s last open world role play is a strictly first-person experience, which means you will not see Aiden out of the inventory screen. That said, the team that has been put at a given moment is always shown on that menu screen, so anything you decide equipping will always be visible there. For those who are interested in How to change the appearance of the character in Dying Light 2 This is what you need to know.

How to change the appearance of the character in Dying Light 2

You can change the appearance of Aiden with different pieces of equipment, but, as mentioned, the only time you will see Aiden is on the inventory screen where he appears modeling any clothes you have equipped. The main objective of the team is the various advantages they provide, as more armor for defense.

The team can be found dispersed by the open world; As always, be sure to look absolutely everything you find while exploring, including the corpses of fallen enemies.

Note that the highest level equipment is usually found in areas such as GRE anomaly areas, GRE installations, convoys and other areas that are generally dangerous and / or require you to visit at night.

You can also buy new equipment to sellers, as in the bazaar in Old Villator or Fisheye in the Center X region.

That’s all you should know about * How long it takes Dying Light 2 to overcome *. To get more tips and tricks about the game, be sure to check the Light DETAIL WIKI. You should also see content related below that can be useful.

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