Season 12 of League of Legends is being a real madness in terms of numbers. There are many who have reached Challenger and others who have been added in the lowest well of the ladder of Soloq. Some have failed the impossible and others have made unimaginable plays, but there have been very few who have been presuming that they have one of the best moments of the game. This time we talked about a Pantheon Top found in Reddit, who has achieved with just its definitive one of the best goals of the game and some other kill quite succulent. **

As you can see in the video, The blue team was not going through a good time and they needed to be like different goals to be able to overcome the game. The problem? Pantheon was the only champion that was alive of the team, although in his favor he had the definitive one to be able to eliminate some champion of the crack. Well, it turns out that the elder dragon was active and the blue team was about to lose, so Pantheon did not lose anything if he jumped into the mud and tried to take some death. That’s when launched its definitive and occurred what nobody would expect to happen, as every thousand games occurred once.

The Call | Season 2022 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI, Louis Leibfried, and Edda Hayes)

The unwavering spear was shot full of the elder dragon pit, who was about to die in the hands of the enemy team with Diana, Blitzcrank and Akshan. It was right on his arrival when the Dragon remained enough life to die from the sweep that releases the definitive of Pantheon when landing, causing an unheardful robbery and two instantaneous murders . Such was the motivation of the player who threw himself once more for the enemy Akshan ** and killed him quickly from a combo. Thus, the Toplaner would return based on the duties made and with the honor of all the teammates of the team.