One of the most anticipated videogame series, is the adaptation of _ fallout _ by Amazon. While there is still a long time to have the first look at this production, little by little more information has been shared about this project. In this way, it has recently been revealed that she Purnell has joined this show in one of the protagonic roles.

According to Deadline, she Purnell, whom you will recognize by her papers in army of the dead and as Jinx in arcane, the animated series of league of legends, will be part of the Fallout adaptation for Prime Video. Although at the moment there are not many details, it is speculated that the actress will be in charge of Jean , a young woman with a positive attitude that can be hiding a dangerous secret, and one of the main roles.

Considering that the Fallout series is still in the process of finding actors for all types of papers , it is clear that a lot of time is still missing to see this production on the Amazon Streaming platform. It will be interesting to see if this show will be at the level of the recent halo adaptation, or it will be better.

On related topics, a sequel to fallout New Vegas would already be in development. Similarly, 14 years later, a new detail has been found in fallout 3.

Editor’s note:

She Purnell is a good actress. While her papers for her cinema leave a lot to be desired, her actions for her television are quite impressive. As Jinx, she managed to capture this new version of the character of League of Legends, and gave him a great personality.