With the large number of video game adaptations that are being published in Hollywood, it is surprising how well it went to the first exit of Blue Blur as commercially and commercially. Yes, the film Sonic The Hedgehog of 2020 was a surprise success by generating an impressive amount of $ 319.7 million at the worldwide budget of an estimated budget of $ 85 million. Not bad, huh?

But with its sequel programmed to launch shortly, a series of live action in process, an SPIN-OFF of Tails rumored on the cards, and with a third officially confirmed film that is also on the way, some of you will be asking * * What is the SCU *. Do not worry, since we are here to help. This is what you need to know.

What is the Film Universe of Sonic The Hedgehog (SCU)?

Very similar to the popular acronym of MCU, also known as Marvel Cinematic Universe, SCU is essentially a playful reference to that. In essence, SCU means Sonic Cinematic Universe, and is a general general term that covers the entire challenges that appear in all Sonic the Hedgehog films.

The term was coined by the producer, Toby Ascher, who said in a set of production notes for the sequel to Blue Hedgehog:

We are creating a Sonic cinematographic universe. We knew we were going to add characters, such as Tails and Knuckles; New in the movies but loved by players from around the world.

In a few words, SCU is an abbreviated term that covers all the characters of the SPIKY SPIKY FIRST FROM SONIC, TAILS, KNUCKLES, Doctor Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik and Longclaw.

In the future, it is likely that there are many more intriguing characters to add to the list; I mean, Honey The Cat and Sticks The Badger have to appear at some point, right?

How a Real Sonic Cinematic Universe (SCU) Would Start

There you have it. We hope this has helped you give you an idea of that is the SCU . To get more information about Blue Blur, be sure to look for Cinematic Universe.

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