Between the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl, rumors around Kyler Murray had caused headlines. Murray had tidied his social media appearance, a little later his consultant reported public contract requests. Now the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals expressed the rumors for the first time.

On the verge of a charity event in Arizona, Murray for the first time spoke since the Pro Bowl and the subsequent rumors for his future with media representatives.

Murray had buried the rumor kitchen after the Pro Bowl, because he had deleted all pictures – even with Cardinals-Reference – from his Instagram side, a little later, his advisor took the public and realized that Murray made Murray before his fourth NFL Season a contract extension would like to have.

“I am an Arizona Cardinal,” Murray realized on Thursday, “and I have given the team so far, what I have, and I will continue to do that. I do not really care about my future as Cardinal.”

So a lot is written on social media, “but honestly, I’m happy where I am where I am. I want to keep the football in the center, as I always did.” Arizona is for him “an adopted home. I want to stay here in the long term and also have an impact on the lives of people in Arizona.”

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Murray: Instagram action “Nothing to do with the Cardinals”

At the same time, Murray admitted that he was surprised by the reaction to the social media. “I was there for, I appreciate, five weeks in a row in the trends. Whenever I looked at Twitter, I wondered what people tell about me.”

Although the public contracting claim of his adviser suspiciously followed Murrays Instagram cleanup, but the 24-year-old stressed that there was no connection for him: “If you are at my age, then it’s normal for people to take posts down, Not uncommon. I had taken everything out of a picture. That had nothing to do with the Cardinals. “

As a result, anonymous reports had also surfaced that the team in Puncto Leadership had more of Murray. Several players, among other things, last backup quarterback Colt McCoy and Right Tackle Kelvin Beachum, to the public, stepped to the public to defend Murray in the way.

“These are the only people whose opinion is important to me,” Murray continued on Thursday. “The people within the team, within the franchise. The people who experience me every day.”

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Murray would not be negotiated in this offseason no new contract, 2022 go to the last year of his rookie contract. Arizona then would have the opportunity to bind him for 2023 by Fifth-Year option and 2024 by franchise day.