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The Soulslike Steel rising throws you into the French Revolution as a gear-powered Automata . The game is based on genre sizes like Dark Souls, but also brings a lot of own ideas into play. According to the genre, tough struggles and relentless boss fights await you.

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destroy barrels pays off!

In many action role-playing games there are destructible objects that provide you with useful items. In contrast to the genre spank horse Dark Souls, it is worthwhile in Steel rising to smash the barrels and boxes. In it, you can find While , grenades and even alchemy capsules .

Therefore, every container and searches for items. This saves you a lot Anima essence that you would have thrown in the boutique. You can sell consumer goods that you do not need in the boutique.

does not underestimate the effect of grenades

Grenades are extremely useful consumption objects with which you can fight the opponents in Steel rising. There are five different grenade types that are available in a simple version and in a reinforced variant:

Fire grenades * can set up opponents and add damage over time.
Frost grenades freeze opponents on the spot and make them incapable of action.
Lightning grenades Make the opponents hit suffer from damage from electric shocks every further hit.
Low grenades * do not do any damage, but stun goals for a few seconds.
explosive grenades * are filled with splinters and shooting powder and cause physical damage.

Exploring grenades add physical damage, whereas the elementary grenades cause damage to the respective element and cause status effects . Almost every opponent is susceptible to a certain element, take advantage of it!

However, the most useful grenades are the explosive grenades . These are so strong that you can even manage boss fights with them. If you do not get any further on a boss, you should buy explosive grenades in the boutique for a little anima essence.


tips on the module places in Steel rising

In addition to weapons and armor, you can equip the automata with different modules. Modules grant you various bonuses and increase general combat efficiency. A total of four module places ** are available to you, which you manage in the character screen. You can find new modules in the game world or buy it in the boutique.

Before you can use a module area, you have to unlock it using so-called module key . You can also find the module key in the open game world-so keep your eyes open! You unlock a module space in the improvement menu at a Vestal in.

Module places can be brought to a higher level later by consuming several module keys. Improved module places can also hold stronger modules. For the beginning, we recommend that you unlock all four places, especially since you will only find the big modules in the game later.

improve the oil office-that’s how it works

The oil office is the equivalent to the Estes bottle in Dark Souls. It is a healing object that heals a fixed percentage of your maximum life when used. At the beginning of the game, three oil circles are available.

Once you have used up, you have to break with a Vestal in to win the charges back. However, resting on a Vestal in brings all the opponents back, so consider it well. Sometimes it is wiser to look for the next Vestal in than to return.

The oil office can be improved in two ways in the Vestal in: on the one hand, the capacity, i.e. the charging, can be increased. For this you need Lavoisier catalysts that you find in the game world. On the other hand, you can increase the effectiveness of what your Lavoisier amplifier needs for.

equip yourself with enough oil files

Especially at the beginning of the game, you will find that the oil boards run out relatively quickly. This is remedied by files with pure oil. These useful healing objects can be overlooked quickly, as the game does not draw attention to you at the beginning.

Phials with pure oil heal over time . You can best use them in boss fights or more difficult groups of opponents. If you immediately lose many life points, you should of course fall back on the oil office.

Phials with pure oil can be found in boxes or preserved as prey from opponents. You can also buy files in the Boutique at any time. Always have a few files in the inventory before you face a boss.

uses your compass

The compass is one of the most important items ever. At the push of a button you can display important target markings on main tasks and side missions. You get the compass early in the game-it is best to put it in the quick access belt .

Backtracking is worth it: researching old areas

In the later course of the game you get to unique tools , which are not only used in combat, but also help to get to the most remote corners of the Paris city. You get the various tools after particularly heavy boss fights.

All special tools at a glance

Hook of the bishop: * Enter hook with which you can pull yourself on higher levels.
Impulse of the selects: allows particularly long jumps and the dodging in the air.
ram of the alchemist: enables rusty locks.

At the beginning of the game, you will often come past paths and sections that are still inaccessible to you. Closed goals, crumbling walls and inexcusable abysses block the way.

If you have activated all special tools **, you should definitely return to known areas and open up the previously closed areas. You will find useful items and powerful equipment there.

What is the game help mode?

Steel rising is a relentless game in standard mode that often ensures frustration moments. New arrivals in the soulslike genre in particular will find out at the beginning. If you don’t feel like dying all the time and losing your collected Anima essence, use the game help mode.

If you start a new game, you will be asked if you want to activate the game help mode. However, note that some trophies in steel rising (guide) cannot be deserved in this mode. In the next screen you can choose how much damage your opponents do, whether you lose Anima essence at your death or how quickly you regenerate your endurance.

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