If you have problems to survive encounters with infected or anomalies in Dying Light 2, you probably have made booster to get an advantage. Several booster lists a common key ingredient in their blueprints, and that’s the poppy . Inspired by the healing properties of poppies in medicine, these can be processed into muscle, toughness and regeneration boosters, but first they have to find a reliable place to harvest them. Continue reading for our guide Where to find poppies in Dying Light 2!

Dying Light 2: where you can find poppies

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Although poppies may be found Haine on the roof as with honey, chamomile and resin, these are rare ingredients and appear in lower quantities. They are among the supplies that appear when they find them, barely overlook, with distinctive red petals in stains that are similar to the chamomile. The most reliable way to find many poppies at a consistent spawn site is in the southwestern area of ​​Old Villedor’s quarry end area. Whether you are guided by a quest called “the rose garden” in this way or just find it on your travels while browsing houses after inventories, this place will be an enrichment and is very early in the game.

Instead of satisfying with occasional poppies on the roofs, you will find a greenhouse with normally 4 spots of poppies usually in the house shown on the map. Integrate this into your travels, including the nearby roofs to get supplies on the go, and they will never have too little poppies. Fortunately, many recipes that you use do not need many, with the boosters needing a maximum of 2. In this way, you can hoard them and always be ready to use with buffs when it matters.

This closes our guide where you can find poppies in Dying Light 2! If you want to get to know more tips and tricks for survival in Villedor, you definitely read our other guides.

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