Japan is a country full of mysteries.
Not only for Westerners the way of living, to consume these inhabitants differs with much of the world, but has also presented a series of unsolved mysteries.
Thus, the mysterious appearance of a giant metal ball in a beach in this country has caused international intrigue.
According to NHK, the mysterious appearance of a round metal object on the beach of ENSEA, near the city of Takamatsu, has been reported.
This ball was found by a citizen who was walking around the place, and immediately reported it to the authorities.


The strange thing is that at the moment its nature is unknown.
Even the authorities have not been able to give a clear answer.
Although it was mentioned that this could be a pump or an object of espionage by China or North Korea, these two options have already been discarded, according to The Guardian.
Instead, many have pointed out that this is a marine buoy, or even a piece of art that appears overnight throughout the world.
At the moment there is no response and, according to a citizen who lives near the beach, the object of metal is not new, but has already been in the same place for a couple of days, and no one had given the task
of reporting its mysterious appearance.

Hopefully this mystery will soon be clarified.
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Similarly, Microsoft admits that it almost does not have a presence in Japan.
Editor’s note:
This is probably not something important, and the metal ball ends up being something that simply arrived from the ocean.
In the best case, this is a temporary work of art, and at any time someone will come out to win this advertising movement.