Here’s one more really handy map that shows off all the facets (aka epic powers) you can get for your codex from each dungeon in the Diablo 4 beta! While you can see which aspect originates from which dungeon in the actual game itself, it can be annoying to float over every one trying to find one for your course, so Gillian went in advance and also marked every one of them as well as detailed which class can obtain their aspect in which dungeon!

Off there are the dungeons as well as their numbering, so we know what the numbers are referring to:

And after that there’s the real facets by course (as well as the neutrals) as well as where to locate them:

And also if you want all of it in one (slightly harder to review) photo, right here you go:

And also while the Very early Gain access to Beta ends today, the open one arrives next weekend break so keep this helpful for next time!