Right here is guidelines on just how you obtain a can opener (in English: can opener) in the Sons of the Forest and where you can find it in the map.
You require the can opener in the Sons of the Woodland to open up ti noses and also obtain added food such as feline food.
The can opener is not an essential product, without which you would certainly be stuck in the main story, such as the crucial cards.
Nevertheless, the little product can easily aid you to get even more food.


Where can I locate a can opener?

There are a total of 3 locations within the map where you can locate a can opener.

There are no special order that you have to go.
If you see one of the 3 places to safeguard a can opener, it is enough.
Exactly how do I locate a can opener?
At a loss noting, you will discover two tents in the snowy setting.
Next to among both remain in the snow, including the can opener.
The yellow noting leads you to the coastline.
In this area, in enhancement to a can opener, a watch and also a soft drink will certainly likewise find.
Heaven noting programs you an abandoned camp.
Use the falls, beside it, the storehouse packed with loot is also located.
There is additionally a can opener among the things.
The item is next to a body.
In addition, you can get the following items in the warehouse:
2x storage case
4x schnapps
2x o’clock
2x rope
2x laptop computer (motherboard).
4x golf spheres.
What are the requirements for the can openers?
To obtain a can opener, you do not require any kind of devices and do not need to satisfy any requirements.
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Exactly how do I utilize the can opener?

How do I open a tin?
Opens your supply with the I switch.
Select the things in the supply with the right computer mouse switch.
Likewise, click the can with the right computer mouse switch that you want to open.
After that go to the gear as well as the tinned can be opened up.
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