You need to use the Epitomized Course function if you prepare to use the hard-earned destinies on the Gen shin Influence’s weapons.
This does not guarantee that you will receive this tool quickly, in itself, but can offer you a warranty that you will certainly get weapons from your selection after a particular number of jerks.
Genshin Impact Version 3.5 offers players an option between a lighthouse of the reed sea or the personnel of red sands.
Below is which of them, in our viewpoint, you should select.

What to select: a lighthouse of the reed sea or the team of red sands in Gen shin Effect?

It depends.
The lighthouse of the reed sea and the staff of red sands are a powerful five-star tool, they are both particularly developed for the use of Delhi and Dino, specifically.
Both have an eye-catching extra quality of CRT Price, yet their abilities in taking care of tools are unbelievably niche and are strictly oriented to the personality for which they were developed.
Select this tool if you desire to wreck any of these personalities.
If you have neither Delay nor CNO, it is tough to advise this banner.


Unlike weapons, such as the tombstone of the wolf or Homey’s team, these two, which are presently represented, are not extremely ideal for various other characters.
If you wish to get even more take advantage of your first-class tools, we advise that you wait for an additional banner.
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