In Hogwarts Legacy magic predominates everywhere, but that does not mean that by the simple fact of stirring the wand you will already get everything you want.
Among the pieces of equipment, materials, potions and another series of articles you will spend many coins during the adventure and a priori can give the impression that the money does not abound precisely.
However, with a little patience you can carry out a simple method that will allow you to get infinite money, so you just have to continue reading the following guide to discover what you have to do.

How to get infinite money quickly and easily

In another of our guides we have talked about how to unlock the Men.
When you achieve access to it, they will give you a mission to go to a kind of animal care, where you will learn other spells to feed them and keep their fur in good condition.
After completing your first day in this class you have to return to the Men.
This magic tool is necessary to capture any animal that you find throughout the magical world and thus take care of them in your own base.
However, in the northern part of Hogs made there is a store called furs and feathers that is the one that will have to go in this case.
More than anything because the clerk of this place will be happy to buy any animal you have captured, and you want to give it to it.
In this way, for each one that you sell will give you 120 coins.
Everywhere in the map you will appear areas where there are animals and other fantastic creatures.

Of course, to accelerate this process you have to go to the Puff skeins den.
In fact, the mission in which you will learn to use the Rucksack will lead you to this place that is located south of Hogs made, so it does not have much loss.
Anyway, we show you in the following image where it is.
Puff skeins are very small hairy creatures that will flee as you see you, but they don’t move too fast.
You just have to chase them, catch them with the trenches and voilà.
And if you have lost sight of them you can use Revelry to show you with a blue color where there is more to go for them.
Once you get all the puff skeins in the area you can return to the store, sell them, change the time from the world map and return with the fast trip to the puff skeins den.
The most normal thing is that they have regenerated and a few have left so that you can capture them again.
From that moment on, the process is only repeated and again to easily get about 12,000 coins in approximately one hour.


Naturally here it will depend on your ability and speed when capturing puff skeins, although if you know another area in which more animals come out it is also a very valid option, but do not forget that in furs and feathers they will always give you 120 coins for each one, regardless of
its type or rarity.

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