A couple of years ago one of Dragon Ball’s most successful films came to light, that was just that of Super Brolly, which we saw new canon elements for the Japanese franchise.
And for the first time this character is taken into account within the story, since previously did not exist because he appeared in three films of the Z saga.
In the tape we saw that the Taiwan of great powers faced against Veg eta and Roku, only that they had to merge to be Gog eta, an element that also becomes a canon.
And while it is known that they won, it seems that they are now having a rematch by the anime of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, only now there is a new detail.
In the video shared on Twitter, it can be seen that Gog eta’s transformation reached a much higher level, since they arrived in Super Taiwan Phase 4, something that obviously removes it from the canon because it is from the anime of GT.


However, the outcome of combat is well drawn and very inspired by the film, as many movements look similar.
The Dragon Ball franchise is currently stronger than ever, since new Super sleeves continue to leave, although the anime does not want to continue contributing more arches.

For his part, a few months ago the Super Hero movie was released, which returned the glory to forgotten characters like Golan and even Piccolo himself.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: These transformations are the best that the saga has contributed, in fact, it seems much better to me another type of fusion with the earrings of the great Panorama.
Veto does not convince so much compared to Gog eta.