The classic game Metro id Prime returns to Nintendo Switch, and the updated version is now available for purchase in the online store after many years of speculation.
Although the fans hoped for the re-release of the trilogy on Switch, Nintendo did not announce any plans relative to two sequels, Metro id Prime 2: Echoes and Metro id Prime 3: Corruption.
The original Metro id Prime and its continuation were released on Gamete in 2002 and 2004, and the third franchise game was released at WII in 2007.


Later, the Metro id Prime Trilogy collection was produced for Wii, offering updated visual effects and supporting movement control.
More recently, Metro id Dread was released for Nintendo Switch.

What is the difference between Metro id Prime on Game cube and Remastered?

The recent Remaster of the game made significant changes to the control parameters.
A double joystick, which was not in the original version, is now a function that players can use.
Gamete steel-jacket previously controlled the visor of Camus, but the players had to move.
Thanks to the new management scheme, players can enjoy the game in the more modern style of the first-person shooter.
For those who want to adhere to the original game, it is possible to include a classic control scheme.
Moreover, fans can enjoy a much more smooth gameplay and much more dynamic lighting.
In addition, players should be satisfied with the aforementioned improved graphics, as they accurately adhere to what we all remember from the version for Gamete.

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