One of the two IPs of Nixon Falcon, which has been loved by gamers for a long time, side by side with the hero legend series.
The 35th Anniversary of the Is-series’ Is 10 Unix ‘appeared today at the Nixon Falcon shareholders’ meeting.

The background of ‘Is 10 Jordi’ is the northern Sea Iberia Bay, where large and small islands exist.
Young adventurer Adolf aces an event related to the immortal deceased who hits the marine woman and people.
Among the in-game images released on this day, the particular noticeable thing is Adolf’s appearance.

Although it was not disclosed where it belongs in the order of solidarity, the Adolf of ‘Is 10 Remix’ is just like starting an adventure.
In addition, as there is a clue called a young adventurer, it is expected to be after the first and second ES, where Adolf started the first adventure.

Although the time zone is early, the combat system has been renewed in many ways.
The combat system, named ‘Cross Action’, is divided into two modes.


The first ‘solo mode’ is the method of directly manipulating one character.
In this case, the remaining partner characters automatically battle and support the player.
The second ‘Comb Mode’ is characterized by a specialization in performing a series of actions with the strong enemy by operating a series of actions at the same time.

I didn’t miss the ‘adventure pleasure’, which is also the beauty of the series.
As the element of ‘Is 10 Remix’, ‘MANA Action’ has been introduced to expand the freedom of field and dungeons, and the sailing ships are manipulated against the sea to explore the vast waters or enjoy the sea battle with the enemy ships.

The 35th anniversary of the series ‘Is 10 Unix’ will be released in 2023 as PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.
It is undecided whether it is Korean.