Despite the popularity of Trunks, it seems that Gotten has not had the love that many would like. The last time we saw this character was in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, where he had a comic role. However, with his next stellar participation in the manga of Toyota, many have begun to express their love for Roku’s son. Thus, an artist has shown us how Gotten would look like an adult.

So far, we have only seen Gotten as a child and adolescent, both in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT. In this way, it is unknown how it would look like Golan or Roku. Fortunately, the artist known as Sevensignert, has shown us how Gotten would look as an adult.

Not only do we see Gotten with a design similar to the one we saw in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but the artist also shows us how it would see the transformation of the ultra instinct. In related issues, here you can see the new look at the next Dragon Ball Super arch. Similarly, it seems that the ultra instinct is not a transformation.