Near’s anime: Automata is one of the most anticipated productions next year. Considering that only a couple of months are missing for its premiere, a new trailer was recently shared, which is focused on Adam and Eve, the antagonists.


This new advance shows the antagonists of the first two routes in one of their classic conversations. Although what we see is not much, it does give us a clear idea of how these characters will look with the new animation style.

Similarly, it has been revealed that Daisuke Namibia will be the one who gives Voice to Adam, while Eve will be interpreted by Tatsuhisa Suzuki. We remind you that Near’s anime: Automata will premiere next January 2023, although at the moment there is no exact date. In related issues, you can check another advance of this anime here. Similarly, that’s how Near runs: Automata on switch.

Editor’s note:

Near: Automata is a great game, with a fantastic story, and I hope that adaptation manages to honor this. Although the structure of the first two routes can be difficult to adapt, we will surely see a combination of the perspectives of 2b and 9s.