• Topic: Smart payment system strategy for amplifying game indicators

  • Lecturer: Park Mi-ran-Exola / Director

  • Field: payment system

  • Time: 2022.11.18 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 12:50

  • Summary: How will an integrated payment platform affect global service success? What is the success story of accompaniment that Ebola supports the expansion of multi-platforms and a successful global service?

■ Why is the payment system important in game development? -Elements that make the user’s wallet close

When you meet with a lot of developers, you will find that even though the payment system is a very important part, the understanding or perception is not very high.

Mr. A bought a cell ph1. A new cell phone creates a lot of annoying processes. New transplantation of information related to payment is one of the cumbersome processes. Mr. A failed to overcome the hassle and left only two of the 10 subscriptions, leaving only two and canceled the rest.

Payment is actually a very impulsive characteristic. Developers are worried about how to sell items in the game, but the user decides to buy quite impulsively. So when the user buys, when you have a little hesitant, the user starts to think about the purchase.

Strategies related to payment must be smooth and clear. The user has been favored since the moment you click on payment. If you do not provide convenience in this process, your favor will easily disappear.

We live in Korea, but most people around the world use unimaginable and complex payment systems. Starting with a credit card, you need to use the National Payment Platform, claim directly through a carrier, or transfer to your account. In certain areas and countries, there are many cases where specific payment methods are used.

■ Ebola’s Pay Station that meets the user’s needs

The biggest weapon of Ebola is the solution called Pay Station. Pay Station is available in 20 languages in 200 countries and can handle 130 currencies. It also has more than 700 payment systems. By introducing a Pay Station, you can sell items under development to the world at once. It also provides users with convenience of payment.

The second strength of the Pay Station can reduce the work stress related to the tax law. The tax laws are different in each country, so the smaller the company, the easier it is to handle these tasks. In addition to lack of experts, if you hang directly on this task, you may not be able to do important things. If you use the accede, you can get a system and service that helps you in this area. In addition, Extra is helping developers to comply with individual security policies and regulations by country.

The payment system is as important as convenience. If the payment system is unstable, the user’s desire for purchase naturally falls. Ebola understands the user’s anxiety, encrypting the relevant data and maintaining a high level of security through two levels of authentication methods.

■ Large P2E Market-Axola that supports the purchase system

The game market is changing every day. The part related to payment is no exception. In recent years, the issue of monopoly on payment of mobile platforms has been an issue around the world. Thanks to this, the mobile payment system is now becoming one of several options, not required.

The biggest reason for this change is the terrible platform fee of 30%. It is difficult to create a profit structure considering the platform fee from the developer’s point of view. The mobile payment system provided by Ebola helps developers understand and solve these difficulties.

The second change in the game market is the injury of the Play to Earn (P2E) using blockchain and NFT technology.

The P2E was possible thanks to the security of blockchain technology and the value of scarcity guaranteed by NFT technology. Developers can make and sell valuable items for users, and users can be recognized as personal assets through the NFT function. Items are not limited to the company’s assets through the technology of NFT.


Mir 4’s success shows the possibility of the P2E market. And Ebola is very proud of his contribution to Mir 4’s success. The NFT purchasing system provided by Ebola is very easy and quick. In general, it is supported to purchase NFT by purchasing items, and compared to any payment system, it responded quickly to the developer’s needs.