Are you looking for a fun way to refresh the constructions of family houses of the Sims 4? Learn how to build a beautiful lair for young children in this guide.

Sims 4 Cozy Toddler Den

First, keep in mind that this tutorial requires the use of tricks. You will also need objects of two expansions of the Sims 4: dogs and cats and ecological lifestyle. With all that out of the way, this is what you need to know.

Step 1: Activate the necessary tricks

You must activate three construction tricks to build the lair for young children. To open the trick window on the PC, press CTRL + SHIFT + C (CMD + SHIFT + C in MAC). Click on the trick window, then write:

Bb. Mover objects in

This trick, called trick to move objects, allows you to place objects in places that would otherwise be prohibited. For this compilation, we will use it to place objects that overlap each other.

Next, in the trick window, write the following two codes:

BB. Get hidden objects

BB. ShowliveEditobjetos

These two tricks reveal objects normally hidden in the compilation catalog, commonly called purification objects. Debugging objects are elements used by developers to decorate the world of Sims, but are not available in the ordinary construction mode catalog, such as gardening objects, decoration and even cars (not usable). We will use two purification mode objects later in this tutorial.

Now that you have your activated tricks, let’s start building!

Step 2: Build the DEN enclosure

Image source: EA through

Start using the standard average 1.25 wall to build two square rooms of 2 × 2 next to the other, as shown in the photo.

Step 3: Lift the platform

Image source: EA through

Click one of the rooms to select it. Use the upward arrow to raise the platform in the room until it reaches the top of the half wall, as shown.


Step 4: Add stairs

Image source: EA through

Place a bed for young children on the elevated platform, then add stairs so that your little child can reach your bed. Note: Young children will need to increase their movement ability to climb stairs on their own.

Step 5: Add a door

Image source: EA through

Your little child needs a way of entering and leaving your den, but all ordinary doors of the construction mode are too large for the half walls. That’s where the purification menu enters. In the compilation mode, go to the search bar, write Debug and select any of the results to show the complete compilation catalog. Next, use the filter menu to limit the catalog to elements of the Dogs and Cats Expansion Package.

Now find the double wooden door for pets. The debug catalog is not filtered, so you will have to move a little to find it. It is with the rest of the catalog doors. Place the door in the other half of the lair for young children as shown.

Step 6: Decorate

Image source: EA through

Decorate the den with the toys and objects for young children that you like. Because it has activated the trick of moving objects, you can overlap the toys to make more in the small space. Keep the ALT key while moving objects to place them freely instead of adjusting them to a grid.

Step 7: Build the floor

Image source: EA through

Use the basement tool to build a basement directly under your small child’s den. Change to the base.

Image source: EA through

Return to the purifying catalog, filtering the Eco Lifestyle expansion package this time. Locate the wooden platform between shipping containers and gardening elements and put it on the basement’s floor.

While holding the platform, press 9 (above the lyrics of its keyboard, not the numerical keyboard) repeatedly until the platform reaches the top of the basement, then 12 times more to raise it to the level of the half-walls on the floor of above. Repeat with a second platform on the other half of the basement. Note: If you have active camera controls, keep the CTRL key pressed while pressing 9.


Image source: EA through

And there you have it: a functional den for young children to help refresh your SIM constructions.

The basement space is large enough for an individual bed and a tiny bath, which makes it the perfect trick for the construction of a tiny single-parent house, with many advantages if you also have the Tiny Living Stuff Pack.
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