• Game Name: Paragon: The Over frame

  • Genre: 3D TPS MOB

  • Service / Developer: Net marble / Net marble F & C

  • Yo: Net marble’s TPS MOB ‘Overprint’ was renamed ‘Paragon’ by transferring trademark rights from Epic Games. Later, the user demonstration and the tory booth at the G-Star Net marble booth will be held at the t booth, which is a streamer competition, and shows the charm as a game and esports to users. Meanwhile, with G-Star demonstration, the original character ‘Jenna’ is released for the first time.

Net marble’s 3D TPS MOB, Overtime, was changed to Paragon: The Over frame on October 14. Originally, Epic Games started as a supplemented game using ‘Paragon’, which was produced by Epic Games and released for free, but Net marble took over and took two tests on the surface of Epic Games. The trademark rights were transferred from the current appearance.

Since the announcement, Net marble will showcase the ‘Paragon’, which has been renovated in earnest in G-Star. In particular, in the last CBT, the number of characters was around 10, but in this final test, the number of characters was increased to 26 people, which were nearly twice as much as to test the competition and test it smoothly. In particular, with the addition of the original character ‘Jenna’, which did not appear in the old paragon, the G-Star demonstration was also a glimpse of the direction of the original character.

As CBT has already shifted the speed, slow gameplay phase, and sluggish composition that was a fatal disadvantage of the old paragon in the CBT, the new characters and user feedback were newly created in this demonstration. The focus was on checking whether the functions were working well.

In retrospect, although it was much better than the first CBT, the second CBT was mentioned continuously. Compared to the time I didn’t tell you what the jungle item was, I still informed me what to take as the first jungle start, but it was quite inconvenient to see the classifications of each combination item or category. In particular, I didn’t have a recommendation for beginners, or I couldn’t see the item information in advance.

In the training ground, which was improved at the second CBT, the basic concept of combination or jungle and the way to acquire a buff were roughly mentioned. However, there was a limit to the setting, making it difficult to fully perform the function. In the final test and the G-Star demonstration, the tutorials were reinforced to three stages, and the training center of other FPS games was newly improved. The hero change is allowed to be exchanged immediately without going through the lobby, and the level adjustment and item settings can be freely exchanged at any time.

In addition, Jungle Monsters and Objects were also placed around to practice the combo, item settings, and various tactics using objects. In particular, unlike the Quarter View MOB, which uses the map as a plane, Paragon is a game that is clearly caught up and down by the terrain, so sometimes it has jumped into the jump pad or the air. I needed to learn from. However, it is a pity that the function of practicing camp while traveling around the jungle route on the actual map is not yet supported.

Nevertheless, it was not well-marked with the section that could not be passed except for the skill that rises up or teleported from the mini map, but in the final test version, the part was clearly displayed, so the road was relatively less. It was painted in gray, so it was easy to be buried in a bright background, but it also increased the visibility by darkening the background color of the mini map. In addition to the jump pads, the portal, which definitely reduced the travel time, was added to the prime guardian and the Prime Spirit, which certainly reduced the travel time, further enhanced its strategy.

Another noticeable change is that the names of the characters have become more natural as they return to the name of the old paragon. As Epic Games was transferred to the trademark of Paragon, it was a feeling that only the parts that had to be developed after recovering the parts that had been changed somewhat unreasonable in order to renew the feeling of the old paragon in the past were developed.

For example, when it was ‘Born’, he grabbed the sword as a reverse to make a little difference from the old paragon’s ‘mystery’, but it was a bit awkward with the existing motion as it was not completely reorganized. However, as he returned to ‘Mystery’, the Kendo was held again, and the unnatural part was reduced by returning to the original motion and dash motion. However, it was not that the slow tempo of the old paragon came back, but it was quite encouraging that the speed was slowed or frustrated as it was newly tuned to the current paragon’s fast tempo.

The highlight of the demonstration was the original character ‘Jenna’. Unlike the appearance and skill of the old paragon’s character, this time it was an unusual case that appeared in Paragon, Net marble’s digital human ‘Jenna’ in Paragon. At first glance, it was a combination that would not be suitable. However, there was also a ‘mystery’ with K-pop idols in Paragon, so it was not so bad.

Jenna’s position was in the jungle, which was probably an other line in the last second CBT, but the character that was originally a jungle pick was reflected in the only color and ramp pages. If you press right click, you can damage all your career enemies by crossing a long distance, and the Q skill can damage the surroundings and slow down, and even the shields can be guaranteed to be guaranteed to some extent. There was.

In particular, as the ultimate was a hitting or former Piura’s palace, it was a skill that caused physical damage around the targeted enemy and returned again. After right-clicking, the Q Skill slow dated and the Airborne of the E skill was added, but there was a disadvantage that the right-clicking range was very high due to the short-click except right-click. In addition, Q’s protective film is a physical coefficient, so it is a character who has to look at the angle of entry as much as the survival ability is poor when there is no palace.

As Digital Human, which was originally designed as K-Pop Virtual Idol, melted as a character, the costume may have been matched, but there was a question that the skill set or motion would suit the urgent battlefield of Paragon. However, it was noticeable that such concerns were melted on the battlefield. The dance was sublimated into the swords of the skill, and the effect was simply implemented, so that the line was revealed, but it was tuned not to be excessive.

It’s still a demonstration, so it’s hard to say anything about the balance, but at least the introduction of the original character Jenna was quite successful. Even though it was not a character designed for the paragon, it was arranged in the paragon’s world, and the performance was observed, and the traces of efforts to harmonize the worldview without motion or effect were not excessive. It’s hard to say that it’s 100% improved, but ‘Paragon’, which has definitely complements the mini-map visibility, item-related problems, and the character lineup, has been verified safely until the competition. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.