Following the defeat of the curia to Heroic and eliminating the azilian team in the semifinals of IEM Rio Major 2022, first CS: GO of the history played in azil, players Yuri Yuri ian and André Drop regretted the setback before Chadian team, theses and company, but also praised the Panthers campaign and believe that the campaign in Rio will lead the team towards higher flights in the future.

In an interview with MGG azil , the duo talked about errors made against Heroic, thanked the support of the fans since the first day of Challengers Stage and believe that, even without the title, the Curia SAI strengthened from Rio de Janeiro and Much more connected to azilian fans after the best campaign of panthers at the CS: GO World Cup.

Heroic decisions overpassed ours

After running over Heroic with a 16-6 on the hell map, the curia suffered on the Ancient map and arrived and was losing 15-10. When game 2 of the series already looked lost, the azilian team started what seemed to be one of the largest Comebacks from the history of the Majors, saved 10 Map Points followed on the CT side and forced the extension.

Heroic, however, managed to ake the azilian turn at Overtime, even coming from an extremely unfavorable moment, beat Overtime 19-17 and started to a quiet win by 16 to 5 at Nuke, securing a place in the grand final. Drop talked about the factors that weighed the most for Curia not being able to realize the turn, and attributed the Danish victory in Ancient to decisions that overpassed those of the fury.

I believe it was more the technical side of the game (which influenced the defeat at Ancient). The Heroic team is very good and makes good decisions, and that’s what happened in this OT. We decided to change the Pace a little (rhythm) From our game, some things we had not done before, but their decisions were mismatched with it. Much better team and deserved the result, said the Curia player.

Drop also talked about a ief conversation he had with Chadian shortly after the semifinal defeat. He commented that the Heroic captain praised him, talking about the growth of the Curia player since the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, and commented that his time (to reach a major final) will arrive.

Chadian reminded me of when we met in Stockholm, in my first major, when I had asked to take a picture with him and congratulated him, because it was the first time he had arrived in the playoffs. He was already an experienced guy (At the time) and had already participated in many other majors, including the first major in history. He reminded me of it, praised me and said that I evolved a lot and that my time will arrive, he said.

In analyzing the Curia campaign at Major, Drop considered the team performance quite satisfactory, even recognizing the frustration for elimination in the semifinal. The player also stressed the fact that the azilian team secured with the campaign a direct vacancy at RMR Americas.

According to the goals we had before the championship started, our performance was quite satisfactory. Reaching the playoffs, playing from Free for this crowd, being considered a favorite to the title, it was all wonderful. Thinking about the future, we managed to secure a Legends’ vacancy in the RMR of the Americas. In general, without thinking about the sadness of having lost, it was a very satisfactory campaign.

Drop also talked about the defeat on the Nuke map, in which Heroic controlled the match from the first rounds, taking advantage even on the TR side, statistically unfavorable compared to the CT. For Drop, the good start of the Danes quickly became a snowball for Curia, which in Pro Player’s opinion failed to individual and collective decisions.

I wouldn’t say that Heroic surprised us, but we had a lot of individual and collective flaws, not only in Nuke, but in the whole series. When you come from a momentum where you lose on a map where you had just fetched a comeback, you know Which is in a good moment and the other team starts doing several rounds, it becomes a snowball and takes it confident, he said.

Decisions start to be kind of soft, things start to go wrong, and that’s what happened. They fit the game against us, got a very strong round of rounds. Even in the favorable side of the map, we were at a disadvantage Very big, and that hurt a lot. When we lost the second Pistol, it was halfway through Heroic’s victory), things would be very difficult from there, and even though not letting communication fall, tempted to the end, we could not seek the result.

Yuri Double praise with Esperanto and dispute of the good among players

One of IEM Rio Major’s main highlights alongside teammate Esperanto, Yuri spoke about the healthy dispute of the duo Curator inside the cast. The rifler pointed out that one player pulls the other in a healthy dispute to see who is the best, and does not hide how much this fight makes both evolve and become more complete players.

It has always been good to have Esperanto on the team, because he forces me to be better than him, and I force him to be better than I. This pair stop is animal, I like it a lot, because we are always helping ourselves. I think That the KS and I are always fine and helping the fury at important moments, and when we are not, there will always be the team helping, so I am very happy to have him on the team. We are very young, and we still have many things to win together here In the fury, he emphasized.

In Yuri’s assessment, Rio’s major was for sure, the best in Curia’s history, not just because the team reached the semifinals, but for the very level of play presented during the competition. He also praised the team’s evolution in the emotional aspect and the very way players deal with each other in everyday life.

We have improved a lot, especially the emotional, as one deals with each other, and when everyone is playing a good CS, the fury always goes far. We are always playing against the best, and our mindset has to remain this, work step that one hour the result comes.

Yuri also spoke about the Curia connection with the azilian fans during IEM Rio Major. Best team in azil since the second half of 2019, the panthers have increasingly won the sympathy and support of the fans, but the Pro Player considers that Rio’s major will be a watershed for the team to win more fans in azil.

It’s been about 4 years since we are dominating azil and is among the best (in the world). After this championship, we certainly managed to ing another location of the affection of the azilian people who did not accompany us so much or did not like the Guys. I think it was a championship that ought people a lot to our side, who saw our potential and the affection that we have people too. The fans were something magical here, and if we arrived here, it was because of them. Something different, it was very special, said the player.

Analyzing the defeat to Heroic, Yuri regretted some mistakes that cost the victory on the Ancient map and the series, but such as Drop praised Heroic’s performance in the match.

We might have turned at Ancient, but we got hesitated, and also there at Nuke’s CT. We know we could do more, maybe make history winning a major in azil. This is the only bad feeling, but at the same time I’m proud. It was more merit of the guys (from Heroic) too, he concluded.