Since their revelation, fans have been waiting for information related to a possible PS5 Slim . Although during the last year we have seen a couple of models that reduce the weight of the console, a new report indicates that This hardware review will be available next year , but it will be very different from its counterpart of the past generation.


According to The Leak and Insider Gaming, Sony plans to launch the PS5 Slim at the end of the next year. The biggest difference is that This model will have a record reader that can be separated . The objective of this is not only to reduce the weight of the console, which would reduce the costs of distribution and production, but would replace the normal model.

The reports indicate that the normal PS5 would end its production in October next year, with the last units available from November 2023. For its part, the Slim model would enter production in April 2023, and would reach the Stores in September next year . Along with this, record readers will also be for sale that can be joined for this console, giving the user the opportunity to keep what is basically the digital edition, or improve the hardware.

All this with the aim of reducing the weight and size of the console, and thus saving in shipping costs, but also to save in production costs . Of the 30 million units that Sony expects to sell throughout the next fiscal year, 18.5 are expected to correspond to the new model.

As always, At the moment there is no official information by Sony . In related issues, the price increase did not affect PS5 sales. Similarly, the PS5 was the best-selling console in September.

Editor’s note:

Although the possibility of seeing a PS5 Slim is not ruled out next year, the idea that you have a separable record reader and the current model is discounted. I do not doubt that this was perhaps considered, but I do not think they happen.