Customer @Core2Tom took a seat and also changed the Xbox Collection X/S dashboard. He desired to use up the glass layout and likewise execute the staying individual interface transparently. He sent us the following information:

The glass design is primarily absolutely nothing new, we currently have that in the shop. When this shop style appeared, I review extra typically The dashboard should look anywhere as in the new shop and now I desired to test what it can in fact resemble.

I conserved other gray displays like choices. Everyone can picture what it would appear like.

I divided the oversized House and My Games & Applications buttons in the guide side-by-side in three components.

This brings several advantages:


  1. One click less to get the last previously owned games/apps
  2. 5 instead of 4 games can be represented (as it was before many patches).
  3. One click much less to get involved in my apps & video games, because thanks to separate button you are no more forced to contact the Groups submenu.

Once more numerous advantages:.

In my Games & Apps, the sidebar jobs when you select the games/apps on the right-as in the shop. Sorting and filters are called by view button. The current function is included with more options anyhow.

  1. Sorting as well as filters can always be selected without needing to scroll down to the top.
  2. The switches are much better visible on top as well as do not cover the view of games.
  3. One even more video game can be stood for per row (at the very least with tiny tiles).

You can see the photos below:.

Customer @Core2Tom sat down as well as changed the Xbox Series X/S dashboard. He desired to take up the glass style as well as additionally carry out the staying user interface transparently. He sent us the adhering to information:

In my Games & Applications, the sidebar jobs when you pick the games/apps on the right-as in the shop.