The Modern Warfare 2 classification system is one of the most important characteristics of the game, since each level provides new weapons, accessories and other battle equipment. Therefore, it is essential to win XP as quickly as possible to get a specific weapon that can greatly improve your performance. In this guide, we will help it with this aspect by showing some tips and tricks on how to upload fast level in Modern Warfare 2 .

rapid level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

While you play in several ways in Modern Warfare 2, you will have the opportunity to increase your rank levels and gain valuable items. However, there are several techniques that can provide additional XP, which facilitates the general experience. So, if you want to climb faster in the game, you can do the following methods:

Use double XP tokens.
Complete challenges.
Participate in team game modes.
Select Kill streaks from high XP.
Use UAV and Counter UAV in Ground War and Invasion.
Play during double XP events.

In the first method, players can get additional XP for a limited time by selecting chips on the menu. It is also known that Call of Duty organizes weekend double XP events, so try to find these opportunities in the near future. In addition, players can complete challenges to upload faster level in Modern Warfare 2, including daily challenges and bonus challenge. For example, one of these tasks can give you 2500 XP to get two deaths of Hip fire operators.

Team-based modes, such as Domination, Hard point and Kill Confirm, are another great option to get more XP because you can tear down enemies and help the members of your group. In addition, certain kill streaks can give you a lot of XP (active score streaks to see its amount):

Screen capture through

Since Ground War and Invasion have large rounds of players, it is an excellent idea to use UAV or Counter UAV during this time. With this technique, you will rise faster than in a standard round, such as Team Deathwatch, because there are more teammates, and each one will automatically give you a ton of XP.

That is all you need to know about how to upload fast level in Modern Warfare 2 . As long as you are here, you can check additional content about the game, including our guide on how to dive.

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