Nam Gung-hoon, CEO of Aka, resigns seven months after his inauguration.

On the 19th, Nam Gun said at a press conference at the Aka Pang yo AIT, saying, She will take charge of the emergency committee’s disaster countermeasures and will take a fundamental countermeasure to prevent the recurrence of this case.

Nam Gun, who caught the Aka baton in March, has been promoting the internal constitution by disclosing the metals business strategy before his inauguration and declaring global entry beyond the domestic market. He also made efforts to implement Aka’s meta buses, including KakaoTalk Open Chat, Aka Entertainment, and Aka Games.

Nam Gun also withholding salaries and incentives before the company’s share price was 150,000 won, and expressed that he would only receive legal minimum wages. We also improved shareholder value by purchasing treasury stocks. Last month, he informed his Facebook about diabetes complications, diabetic neuropathy.

He was founded in the game, and he ate Han pot rice here with Kim Bamboo, the founder of Aka. He joined in 2015 with Taken NHN USA, CJ Internet CEO, and Remade. Since then, he has been the representative of Aka Games, which was launched by the merger of the engine and the next game, and has played a big role in Aka Games as a global game company.