Undoubtedly, this League of Legends Worlds 2022 will enter the history of MOB as the Bug World Cup. The numerous problems that are dragging on the server itself made many teams affected by errors in larger and smaller degrees. The last most controversial bug of the competition was the game between Top Esports and GAM, which may have affected the result of the match and the future of the championship.

Because of this error, the coach of the European team Fanatic, Yamatocannon, revealed, without hesitation, information that left the community shocked. According to him, Riot Games will never comment on the bug because its rules and opinions say that if players do not detect their own bugs, they will not be accounted for.

I remember games where I saw bugs behind the scenes and couldn’t even fight to secure a eak or Chronogram, said the coach.

something practically impossible for players

Before each split starts, Riot, or companies that organize alloys, distribute a dossier with numerous bugs in the game and should be avoided if players do not want to be punished, otherwise the developer can interpret that Pro Players abused the mistakes, as has happened before.

Given this situation, players end up being forced to study this dossier to know more or less how to deal if they see a bug in interactions involving the champions they are playing with. This is a complicated task, as they train a lot and need to have much knowledge about various aspects of the game.

Remember that this kind of thing is one of the great differences between traditional and electronics sports, although traditional also have a number of management problems. League of Legends belongs to Riot Games, and she deals with her questions the way she well understands, even if this can hurt those who hold through her game.