The technique of drawing the water surface easily using the crewmates of Among us has become a hot topic.

In the tweet posted by Illustrator Evil, he explains how to draw the water surface using Crewmate, a player character of AMONG US. At first, it looks like a lot of crewmates are drawn, but in the end it is so solid that you can not understand at a glance.

The way of drawing is as follows. If you have an environment where you can draw an illustration, you may be able to draw the water surface easily when you try it.

  1. Draw multiple crewmates in a rectangle, separate line drawings from the base.

  2. Pain the outline roughly.

  3. Add or erase the line as you like.

  4. Copy the layer freely.

  5. Dark the copied layer, set it in multiplication and make a shadow.

  6. Fine adjustment of the shadow and adjust the opaque degree.

  1. Add a gradation.

The other day, the technique of AMONG US crew can draw a crying face by drawing a picture wearing large shoes. Surprisingly, crewmates may be the ally of drawing users…