The regulatory body that must approve or reject the purche of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft in the United Kingdom, the market and competition authority, h expressed its concerns about the impact of this operation on the market. In response to this report, The North American giant h loaded against Sony for blocking , supposedly, the arrival of Xbox Game Ps to PS4 and PS5.

Sony h chosen PlayStation Game Ps, so it is not available in PlayStation, said a representative of Redmond in a statement sent to Tom Warren, by The Verge. Like all games that are available in Game Ps you can also buy, PlayStation players will continue to have the possibility of acquiring Call of Duty on PlayStation. And doing so, it would still cost less than changing [machine] buying an Xbox console.

Blizzard Activision Games, for the first time in services

Xbox recalled that it plans to carry the Blizzard Activision titles to the service once the company’s purche operation is approved. This will benefit the E players will incree the value of the subscriptions , while expands access to the company’s titles. Microsoft h also pointed out that so far Activision Blizzard had not allowed to include its products in subscription services.


The statement attacks again against PlayStation’s attitude: Again, ** The players the option to access them through their subscription, PlayStation Plus.