This year Warner Bros. Discovery has been a reason for controversy, that is due to the different cancellations of projects carried out in HBO Max , in addition to its next union of streaming services. And if all these changes were not enough, it is now confirmed that Warner in its part of animation will be merged with Cartoon Network .


According to the media Collider , the news was shared in a company meme when employees learned that Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation were merging. The two studies will consolidate their animation teams as part of a strategic readjustment for Warner Bros. Discovery and their future projects.

This is one of the news that can cause controversy, since some projects in current broadcast could be canceled, as well as happened with quite expected animations, including the animation sequel 3D of Scooby-Doo . For its part, DC films exclusive to HBO Max , including Batgirl, which would return to loved characters.

For now there is no talk of what the destination of the cartoon channel will be, but it is possible that it does not suffer from any kind of changes, since the animation studies are joining only. This does not mean that the television chain will have alterations, unless Warner Bros. Discovery decides that the name should be changed to have a restart.