Developer PANGAEA GAME STUDIOS announced on October 9 the pirate survival craft game Pirates of Pangaea set in the sea and the earth. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). According to the studio website, the work will be distributed early, and the official release is scheduled for 2023.

Pirates of Pangaea is a third-person pirate survival craft game. The world where the stage is the stage is a large pirate era when huge creatures and pirates are constantly fighting. In this world, the weather is rough due to the Bermuda Triangle, which is said to cause paranormal phenomena, and huge creatures such as Audio and Kraken inhabits. The player has passed through Bermuda Triangle, and will step into this barren world. In this work, in addition to the voyage, there are plenty of bases construction, treasure hunt, and agriculture. We will solve the mystery of Bermuda Triangle and live a survival surviving life to return to the original world.

The pirate ships that players board in this work will appear by deploying a battleship on the sea. The ship can be customized, and it is said that combat ships and transport ships with cannons can be created. In addition, there are individual statuses. It seems that it is necessary to skillfully replace the ship breeds used according to the situation where the player is placed.

If you survive as a pirate in the world of Pirates of Pangaea, healing treasure will also be a real pleasure. Players say that by sailing the ocean and stepping into the barren earth, you can find fragments on the treasure map. A treasure map can be generated by collecting multiple fragments on the treasure map. It is said that you can see pyramids that have been submerged on the map created, mysterious ancient relics, and coordinates of ships with gold nuggets. In addition, there is an island called Hidden Island in this work. Suddenly, the island that appears only for a certain period of time from the bottom of the sea seems to be hidden with abundant resources and hints to return to the original world.

In the battle system of this work, there are marine battles and land battles. Battle in the sea seems to be the main fighting method of bombardment using ships. By manipulating the mast and the way of rudder, the ship is skillfully manipulated, and the battle with pirates and monsters is advantageous. In a white war that does not use a ship, you can check the battle with a sword and a market gun. It seems that the play style will change according to the situation, such as swinging a sword at a short distance and punching over long-range enemies with a market gun.

PIRATES OF PANGAEA seems to have substantial survival, craft, and architectural elements. It will be possible to secure food through hunting, collection, and agriculture, and to cook various status. There is also a brewing option, so it seems that players can also drift alcohol like pirates. In addition, the construction elements can be enjoyed from the basics, such as walls and foundations. In addition, systems such as the lights, vases, houseplants and furniture installation, painting, etc. can be confirmed, making it possible to build a high degree of freedom.

Natural elements exist as one of the factors that affect the life and death of players. Players protect themselves from natural disasters such as thunderstorms, typhoons, and acid rain by making full use of the above survival elements. However, there are benefits to going out, such as items that have reached the coast during a natural disaster. It seems that the characters operated by the player can adapt the disaster. It seems that you will be able to go out with the risks, get warm with an indoor bonfire, or live according to the play style.

In the world of Pirates of Pangaea, there is also a concept of trade. It is said that money will be exchanged in the abolished port town, and it will be possible to trade with multiple items such as spices, tea leaves, wine and cheese. It is also possible to loot from these merchants. Depending on the play style, it seems that you can choose a good pirate or a pirate that will do your best.

Pirates of Pangaea, which contains a large survival craft element in the voyage element as a pirate, will be released for PC (Steam). According to the store page, early access distribution is scheduled soon. It is said that most stories can be played during early access distribution, and it supports single play and multiplayer. It seems that about 100 kinds of ships, 400 kinds of craft items, and architectural decorative items are already implemented.

The early access period is scheduled for one and a half years. It is scheduled to be officially released in 2023 while receiving the player’s feedback. It is said that content will be implemented sequentially after early access distribution. The content and architectural elements at the end of the story are further enhanced. The company will also respond to controllers and implement seasonal events and additional game difficulties. If you want to enjoy your life as a pirate, why not put this work to your wish list and embark on the ocean at the start of early access distribution?