In just a couple of years, we went from Riot Games to be the developer of League of Legends and already, to be one of the most thriving editors of the modern video game. The launch of Valorant , the independence of Team fight Tactics or the output of legends of RENATER preceded the landing of a year ago of Arcane , the Californian studio production series.

But while these bombings were coping the headlines, Riot also presented Riot Forge , an independent studies publication initiative. The plan is as follows: letting small studies but with experience in certain genres, could create complex experiences within the world of RENATER. And everything started with Ruined King and Hex tech Mayhem, two interesting and even remarkable games for their freshness.

But for a year, everything is in standby for players’ eyes. On November 16, Ruined King and Hex tech Mayhem were launched, as well as the information available on Cone/HENCE and presented Song of Nun of the Spaniards Tequila, without forgetting that mysterious new Project on the Dacia region, without title or developer. And since then and not.

Riot Forge continues with us

That presentation, which was issued through various Riot Games channels, coincides with the first of the important details of the matter. In November of last year he left the company that was then the director of Riot Forge, Leanne Lobe . I met this woman myself, since she was present in the interview that MGG Spain made to Joe Madeira, responsible for Ruined King.

Riot Forge since then has a new director, such as Andrew Honecker . After working as a producer for almost 13 years in Activision by Call of Duty and Guitar Hero, he arrived in September 2019 to Riot Games. At this time he has gone from Senior producer, to Production Director at Riot Forge and, finally, director of Riot Forge.

Therefore, the brand is far from abandoned. It has employees working on the different projects and, that there are no public news, it should not be indicated that something bad is going from doors inside. Although it is worth reviewing the bottleneck that Riot Forge has when launching new video games .

Early and no dates ads

Let’s start remembering what happened with Ruined King . The RPG for Airship Syndicate shifts based on the ruin of Diego was announced in October 2020 and was planned to arrive during the light of the lights of the light in League of Legends… but would finally land on November 16, 2021, When we were all with Arcane and Mob had closed the history of the ruined king. Hex tech Mayhem was announced and launched to the market.

If we follow the temporary line, the following title is Cone/since , the platforms with Echo as the protagonist and developed by Double Stallion . The announcement occurred during an event presented by Geoff Eighty two years ago, and we have only had news a year ago, in the presentation of Riot Forge of November 2021.

We now arrive at Song of Nun . The tequila game that will take us to Record by Nun’s hand and his Yeti of him Will ump, seemed quite aimed as shown in that presentation, which was the announcement of it. Since then, we have not had official news, beyond that Tequila was acquired by Tencent, the same company that has the majority of Riot Games.

It was filtered that it would come out during the month of March, specifically on the 30th, but finally there was no official communication. A pack also appeared in the BE celebrating the launch of the game during the month of April. But neither date, nor launch, and we are in September. It would not be crazy to think of an ad Do you want it? You have it in the style of the Airship Syndicate RPG for November.

A Riot Forge has once again happened as with Ruined King . The development of video games does not usually adapt well to the deadlines and delays are the order of the day. There are no reasons to think badly, but it is clear that coordinating the machinery of so many departments within Riot Games, is complicated.