The Tokyo Game Show 2022 is the largest game exhibition in Japan, which was held on both the real venue of Chiba Madurai Jesse and the online platform, which has expanded its scale since 2021. We will deliver the play repo of Buchanan , which was developed at the forefront of studio, which was playable at the Success booth.

In this work, the player chooses one of the mechanics Anna Haiku, Diva Lillian Spell, and the gunner Alicia Aim, and travels through the Ocean. In the playable version, we were able to touch the events and naval battles on the way, customization of ships, and boss battles.

Departing from the port and entering the battle area, you will enter the naval battle. In the in real time, in the naval battle part, the attack of the ship’s/enemy ships can automatically attack when it enters the range, so players can intervene and conduct. The important thing in battle is the selection of the command list and the weapon set according to the situation, and the countermeasures against the battle situation, such as simultaneous shooting, which are effective in close combat, are weapon sets. It is possible to switch attack methods according to the enemy, such as replacing them with anti-aircraft guns.

In addition to the fact that the naval battle itself is basically in real time, it is more interesting to manage the crew and cats and select instructions, and to operate the ship at the same time. What I felt particularly authentic was the customization element of my own ship. It is interesting to be replaced by guns and various hulls (such as heavy armor and mobility), but it is interesting to place a variety of anti-aircraft, especially for the gun, considering a variety of anti-aircraft. In addition, since it is possible to switch the arrangement of crew and cat, it seems worth considering the management of the crew and cat.

In the boss stage, a boss ship appears after defeating a certain number of approaching regular ships. In addition to large ships in the boss battle, huge marine creatures appear, but this time it was a huge ship in the TGS2022 exhibition version. Defeating this boss will end the demo version, but you will get the impression that it is well kneaded so well that you can not imagine 25%development.

On the other hand, as for the advance/retreat of the steering, the concentration will be distracted because the stick must always be defeated, so the output can be fixed, or the output is like an engine telegraph (stepping forward/retreat). I thought it would be easier to play because I could focus on steering and conducting more.

As a writer, there was no specific content until the official website was updated to the TGS2022, so when I played it, the game play was more interesting than I imagined. It was a title. It may be one of the hottest titles in 2023, including the cuteness of the main character and the design of crew cats. Buchanan will be released in the spring of 2023 for PS4/Nintendo Switch.