According to those accountable for TSG Neutrality, 3 factors from 5 league video games are not nearly enough: Jörg Buyer was launched from his jobs as an instructor of the first team at the beginning of the week, but should be offered the chance to the organization in the future as part of his legal agreements to sustain in the showing off sector and here specifically in the young people field, as the club writes.


Buyer, that only took over the success train Maximilian Dent in the center of the year, could not generate the called for sporting goals with his game concept, according to the organization’s news release.

takes over a widely known face

The TSG is now putting brand-new hope in Thomas France’s work. The 34-year-old knows the club well, from 2011 to 2015 he played for the Neutralizer, was component of the promotion group to the regional organization in 2012 and also ended up being regional league champ of the 2013/14 season with this team.

He obtained more experience in a managerial function as planner of the young people area near Tennis Russia Berlin. France owns the B license and also gained preliminary experiences as a guy’s train on the sidelines of Tasmania Berlin in the Regionally Nor dost.