On the 12th, Neo wiz’s anticipated film ‘fall of P’ was released.

This director’s play video is a video that Choir Jae-won, who is in charge of fall of P, can check the false combat system and level design of P. It consists of two pieces, including about 30 minutes of new town play and about 40 minutes of doll factory play, and the rich video has been solved by the user’s questions about the second half of the stage.

In the first new town play video, starting with selecting ‘Combat Memory’ along with the map, selecting a weapon suitable for your play, finishing the battle through the store, entering the map, and moving basic battles and movements Basic and system were introduced.


In the second video, the doll factory map showed a more deep battle style with a back of the enemy or a combat using a mechanical arm. It is eye-catching with the skills that can be hit by enemies, including the battles that are more numerous.