G2 eSports was the worst European representative of the raffle of these Worlds 2022 . The defeat in the final of the LEC has been very expensive to the boys of Dylan Falcon and will be measured in the group stage to two of the coconuts of this international edition of League of Legends: JD Gaming and Damon Kia.

We know the latter more than plenty, especially for Shoemaker , which in recent years has given several recitals in the invoked crack or outside it with several snapshots that filled social networks with memes.

Damon, an old G2 eSports acquaintance

Augur’s Sabbath Split left Damon with many unknowns in the upper lane, since neither Burial nor Goya were prepared 100% to make this quantitative leap to their races.

In addition, changes in the bot lane have not had such an immediate performance, although Weekday and Kelvin have proven to be one of the best medium and long term duos that the Korean region can have.

The rivalry between g2 eSports and Damon comes from far away, specifically in 2019 . With a Vistalegre to burst, the europeans eliminated the South Koreans in a defeat that was marked in the skin of many of them.

In 2020, their deserved revenge were charged between much trash talk and comments of both teams in this regard and the ‘ taken from shoemaker’ of Shoemaker with the icons of Invictus gaming and Fun plus Phoenix.

JD Gaming, The Great Chinese Coco

With a format of playoffs so long and with 17 teams, Winning the LPL is quite complicated , and more seeing that practically no team manages to impose its domain in spring and summer.

With the base of Kana vi and Ago , this year they have joined the team 369 , which has established itself in the upper lane showing its top esports level, and Hope and Missing in the Lower lane, which seem to be one of the present and future values of the region.

G2 Esports will not have it easy and will have to perform at maximum and without making mistakes if you want to get out of a group that will feature many carat players