The monster training MMORPG Tested will be officially released from Humble Games on September 7. In addition, our active gaming media PLAY ISM will release a package version for PS5/Nintendo Switch. Humble Games will officially release a download version for PC/PS5/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.

This work is a turn-based game that captures and fights and fights, capturing and raising mysterious creatures like the Pokémon (Pokémon) series. Even though it is a Pokémon style, the battle format is only a double battle, and there are unique systems such as stamina and synergy. The basics of command-type turn-based battle are also attached, and online elements are also attached. In addition, early access distribution started in January 2020, exceeding 500,000 units in one month after its release. In Steam’s user reviews, more than 26,800 user reviews have gained status very popular at the time of writing.

This work has been gaining the support of players since the official release, but what is the popularity? How much is differentiated from Pokémon? You may be worried about those who have not played. So, this time, I was originally playing Pokémon, and I am now a player of Tested, and I have asked STIGMATA who wants to spread the fun of TEM TEM about the appeal of Tested. Specification.

── Please introduce yourself.

This is STIGMATA. As a player, I have been playing against turn-based competition games for a long time, and now I play mainly in Tested. I started two months after the start of early access distribution, and I’ve been playing for two years. As a track record in TEM TEM, the official tournament was not held yet, so it was not an official tournament, but it participated in the largest tournament with less than 300 participants, and remained the best 16. Tested had a rate in the game, and at that time I was about 1700 at the rate of about 2 %. Even at the tournament, there were quite a few famous players in the tournament, and it was a tournament in which the rate was about to fight the top people.

──What kind of competition has you played before Tested?

First, the Pokémon (Pokémon) series. When I was in elementary school, the first Pokémon Red / Green was released, and my brother was a type of player who participated in the tournament quite a bit, so I played while teaching, and played against Pokémon X / Y. I was playing mainly. I think that the official tournament was 32nd place in Is W, and the last 3rd place of the single was the best. Now I don’t play Pokémon games, but I still like Pokémon itself, so I buy goods. In other games, there are people who are called mini-games in Dragon Quest X, but they went to the 4th place in the Beaten Fight tournament, and also went to Hearthstone overseas tournaments. The Pokémon Card Game Pokémon Card Game is ranked 16th in the East Japan Games of Lizard on Mega Battle.

──What made you start playing Tested?

I often have friends playing games together. When I was looking for a game to play with that friend, I heard that Tested was a Pokémon game, and I could play the story with two people, so I decided to play. So at first I didn’t intend to play at all, and I wanted to be able to play cooperative play for about a week. However, as I played, I touched on interesting elements as a game, such as the skill that could not be used immediately after the battle starts, and the stamina in the temples.

Also, when I read articles, I was aware of e-sports and knew that I was trying to focus on the competition scene. I don’t think the game that is advantageous to spend time and money is not so competitive, but in Tested, the competition scene is conscious and there is no element that connects to Pay to Win. There was a sense of security that I could play the fair because it was raised.

Tested from the leak video of Pokémon **

── Please introduce the world of Tested again

There are six large islands called the aerial islands in the world of Tested, and there are 160 kinds of mysterious creatures. There are also Temathamers who give instructions to the Tested and fight, eight doors (gym-equivalent facilities), and bad guys, so the image is close to the world of Pokémon. In the story, players walk across six islands with the concept type. At first, we go on a large river-type island with a large river aiming at school and fight with bad guys, but players are gradually being involved in the incident, and shocking developments are waiting. The NPC conversation was a bit difficult to get into my head, so it would be nice to improve the full release version. The story development was quite ambitious and exciting, so it was interesting to play.

Also, the story is compatible with two-person cooperative play. Tested is basically a double battle that fights with two of each other with each other. So, we usually put out two bodies by one, but when we are playing cooperative play, we fight each person and put out the teach. Not only can you play together by playing together, but you can carry two people for two people, so you can simply increase the number of hands, reduce the number of returning to a facility like a Pokémon center called Emporium, and it will be advantageous for the story progress. The story of Tested is quite difficult and chewy in the battle, but playing with two people makes it easier.

─ How about the designs of Testers? Do you have a cute Tested?

As a whole, unlike Pokémon, it is a Bio-based design, so I think the taste is divided there, but the motion is very built. You can walk with the top of the top of your hand, and you can talk to some temples, so you will be able to attach it as you play.

Also, in terms of Tested’s design, there is a platy pet temper, which is often misunderstood as Pokémon, so I would like to talk about it. As for the background, Tested first implemented crowdfunding to recruit development funds, and had various rights as a return. Among them, there is the right to make the TEM temples of their favorite design appear in the game, and the overseas streamer, Pokéninja, gained the right, but he exercised and implemented the right. I’m a plate pet.

Plato pet was not a Pokémon, as it was a fake Pokémon, which was introduced as a new Pokémon in a fake leak image related to Pokémon. CREME (Tested development) has granted permission to the design inventor of the plate pet, and is implemented. There is a history that was first published and spread as a Pokémon in the fishing image, so even now on Twitter, it is sometimes misunderstood that it is design of Pokémon (laughs). Pets are not Pokémon, and there is no right.

── I think STIGMATA is playing Tested as the main match. Is there anything you like other than the match?

Other than the match, I like the fact that strangers are walking in the city and fields, but they seem to be really adventurous in the world. There are people who are walking the different colors of their favorite Tem, and when people gather at the tournament, they are crowded and have a feeling of festive, and enjoy indirect interaction. And there are six dojos in the dojo where players can become leaders. There is a team game that bets on the dojo control, but if you win, you will be able to obtain ownership and become a gym leader in the Tested world.

The dojo is owned by a club like a guild called a club, gaining the right to lay out the appearance of the dojo, and everyone can change its appearance. In the dojo, their ghosts are set up and fight the challenger player with their appearance and their own temples. When the dojo side wins, you will get a little money to challenge the dojo. Also, if the challenger wins, you will get an admission ticket to a special grass that tends to appear in a tempting that does not usually appear.

──Is there a so-called carefully selected in Tested?

There are careful selection. Teams have different status differences for each individual. It’s the individual value in Pokémon. The eggs hatch and carefully select high-individual values, but the purpose is to create individual value Max, called Perfect Tem. However, Tested has a mechanism that makes it easy to produce a certain quantity of individuals with the same tempo if you train to some extent yourself. There is also a trading facility in the game, where you can sell Tempted there. Once you make a perfect temple, you can buy another Tem with the in-game currency you earn by selling the Perfect Tem. Also, there are several ways to make money in the game, but you can also get in-game currency in the rank match. I live in the ranks I earned with the money I earned in the rank match, so I rarely select it myself.

In the rank match, there is a mechanism that automatically the individual value of the Tem is the maximum when participating, so it is not necessary to select carefully in the rank match. In the official release update, you can specify a Tested and rent your favorite team, so even if you do not have anything, it will be easier to participate in the rank match casually. There is no such mechanism in the tournaments and dojo wars in the game, so you need a total of eight temples in all.

If you bring your own tactics, it has been taken


In this work, all battles are double battles in which two battles are put out and fighting, making it a game design that is conscious of a double battle. For example, there is a technique of synergies characteristics that are enhanced if the tempting on the side is a specific type, there is a technique to involve yourself, and the supporting temples have the belongings that enhance the neighboring Tested. There are many elements that are conscious of double battles, such as thoroughly enhancing the neighboring temples.

Some techniques of the Team TEM have a technique that can only be used after a certain turn has passed after a certain turn, but there is a technique to advance the hold, and you can also shoot a holding technique every turn. You can. Also, in the battle element, there is stamina. The consumption of stamina is set for each of the techniques of the Tested, but when the stamina breaks, the temples can not move and are damaged, making it difficult for the same Tem to stay in the field. It is difficult to defeat everything with a very strong Tested with stamina. In stamina-related, there is also a technique to reduce the stamina of the opponent, so stamina is an important factor, such as aiming at the gap where the stamina is exhausted.

Also, the difference from Pokémon is that even if you take the Tested and lower it back, the effect of the buff will not be interrupted, and a buff or abnormal turn will pass even during the change. Even if it is lowered behind, the poison is damaged, and the HP recovers in regeneration. The buff is not interrupted, so you can slowly look at the gap and grow a temple with a buff. I think that such bargaining is also a fun place for Tested, such as buffing and holding techniques for gaps that are not good at.

The big difference is that there is another pick & van (*1) in the match. In Tested, first use one of the opponent’s temples, and then select the system to be adopted. So one can not be selected by BAN. Although there is no story capture, picks and vans have appeared since fighting the serious gym leaders, which are a rematch of the dojo, and there are basically almost all the interpersonal selection. A good player is a very important factor in the match because he makes a game with a pick & van, or looks at the opponent’s pick & van, sees the opponent’s intentions and bargains there.

Pick & Van (PICK & BAN)… When choosing something in a competitive game, a mechanism that adds a selection (ban) that cannot be selected there instead of simply choosing what to use. The detailed order varies from game to game, but by choosing a BAN target, characters and the like can be banned in that match. As a specific example of BAN, if there is a character you really want to use, you can ban the character counter (weak) character of that character so that you can use it. If the opponent’s team has a very good player who is very good at one character, BAN will not be able to select the character so that the player cannot choose the character. Sometimes you can BAN just a strong character or Ban a character you are not good at. The process of choosing something has been added to make it impossible to select. In Tested, before choosing a system that is selected as a team and fights, you can first select a troublesome system and select one.

──I heard at the beginning, but you seemed to have participated in a large unofficial tournament called AAL. What teams were popular in the environment at that time?

The most popular at that time was the beat team. It is a team of tactics that adopt a quick temple, launch an attack first, and take the board. Nowadays, it was nerfed (weakened) and disappeared, but at that time there was a very strong temple in the digital type, and the digital type was not half a compatibility, so it was simply fast and strong. The game itself competed for speed, such as using a fast-digitized temples that could take weaknesses for the fast digital type temples. The team’s opposition was a Tem Tem Tem Tem Tempt, which has the ability to reverse the order of action, such as the trick room of Pokémon. Beat-based teams that control over the speed and teams that replace the order of action were very popular. It was a time when it was a strong era to hit from above, so it was a time when it was difficult to make a difference in ability if I had a good team.

What kind of team did Stigmata bring into that environment?

I brought a super-recovery team that was not known at the beginning of the tournament. There is a Tested, 0B10, which has the ability to apply the effect on your ally, called the target replicator or target copy. In addition, some support temples have a regeneration technique that gives you a 10 % recovery effect every turn. First, copy the regeneration with 0B10 to the quick beat team, and to survive the opponent’s attack by recovery. Looking at the gap, he shoots a technique to stun his opponent after four turns, like the destruction song in Pokémon, or a buff of attacks, and defeats his opponent.

After that, if one of the temples is targeted continuously, the temples that are responsible for the attack of the ally, the system that can shoot the water type technique to yourself, gain time with recovery and durability, and parry the opponent’s attack. It was a team that broke through. The formation that was organized was a tactic that everyone had a technique to recover and shift the target, so it would be a cycle.

The super-recovery team was widely known for bringing it in the qualifying of the tournament, but was ranked third (*2) in the qualifying league. In the rank match, Japanese people often used special teams, but at the time of the tournament, Japan Meta was scared (laughs).

Tournament… The tournament where STIGMATA participated was an unofficial tournament called AAL (Airborne Archipelago League). About 300 people participated in total, and the Grand Final was held in July 2021. In order to participate in the Grand Final, it was necessary to first enter the top four people in one of the six qualifying tournaments, and then to the top 16 people in the qualifying league of 24 people.

──In the qualifying league, the championship was likely to be aimed, but what happened in the Grand Final?

The Grand Finals were taken. My team first rates on the first turn and tries to get the opponent’s attack by recovery. In the qualifying, the opponent did not move, so he was hitting me as expected. However, in the main game, it became known, and the opponent began to buff and became able to defeat regardless of recovery.

Also, the damaged Tem was replaced and lowered behind and recovered. But I used a faster technique than the action to lower behind the tamer. It is a technique to apply abnormalities that can not be replaced on the whole, but the technique is applied to the place where you tried to escape behind and the Tested that started the recovery was defeated. I lost.

Depth of the match

─ ─ が チ チ チ チ チ チ チ チ チ チ いっ いっ いっ いっ いっ いっ いっ

Tested is difficult because the environment changes in about two weeks, but I think there are relatively many beats. At present, the tempo that reverses the order of quickness has been very nerfed and the number has decreased considerably, so I think the team that fought with a fairly fast TEM times and buffs is very popular. The number of slow teams that control the place has decreased.

One of the specific examples of trendy teams is Gran pah, there is a formation using a wind-type temp ham. Rapper is a tempo that has the skills to raise your fellow and quickness, and has a characteristic that increases your attack power by 40 % when the number of handheld temples are losing. As a tactic for the entire team, first load a quick buff on the rapper and lower it when it is dangerous. If other temples are defeated and the conditions of the characteristics are met, the rapper will come out, and you will hit it with a quick and powerful dash tack. They take the lead with the stacked sloppiness, and attack with the power of characteristics and dash tacks.

In addition, Rapper learns the skills to sleep the hypnotic opponent, so you can move it before the opponent and stop the opponent’s actions. Due to such strengths, teams with quick buffs centered on Rapper are now popular. However, Rapper can only attack wind-type. Hypnosis that sleeps the other party is also an item that does not work, and there are temples that do not work in the first place. Also, there are picks and vans in the Tem battle, so you can use it as a countermeasure to ban the Grander.

──By the way, is there a favorite configuration for STIGMATA?

In my party, recently, the team called handcuffs Fortnite was good overseas. First, Fortnite is a Tested that goes up by two steps when you are caught by yourself (abnormal condition that cannot be replaced). Generally, when adopting a Fortnite, it is a skill that gives the entire captivity to the entire captivity to demonstrate its characteristics. However, in the case of handcuffs Fortnite, we use handcuffs, which have the effect of being caught by the Tempted when targeting the enemy in a tired state (out of stamina).

There is a means of running out of stamina throughout the mom’s lunch, but first, mom’s lunch makes you tired of yourself, and the Fortnite builds a buff technique to activate the effect of handcuffs. In the case of being captured, the defense and two-stage buff of two-stage defense are obtained, and in one turn, defense and special defense are increased by four stages. I like it recently, but since it is a new usage that has never been seen before, people from overseas have been flying a message that they are crazy.

I also like 0B10. On the official Discord channel of Tested, players talk about how to fight, but when it comes to wanting to use 0B10, my name comes out or watching the stigmata videos. There are many things that are said in a feeling, and there are some places that are synonymous with me. As a tactic, I like the recovery copy durability tactics used in the tournament most. Sometimes you call out in the game and get a message that you were really impressed by the team at that time. By the way, it has become much weaker now, but I still use it occasionally.

The balance adjustment is performed quite well. I think that the development is quite good because the development listens to the voice of the user quite a bit, or because there is a culture that exchanges opinions with users. So, Tested has a very distributed environment.

There are popular temples and teams, but it is rare to have 5 out of eight, and I have hardly seen mirror matches, including tournaments. There are certainly many aggro and early teams, but for example, there are some variations in the digital team at the earliest, or some of the quick teams. Since the four main temples and several assisted temples are different, I rarely see that they are wearing them unless they have friends. About two months after the early access distribution started, there were temples called the strongest, and there were times when everyone was using that tempura, but now, even though there are popular temples, they are always popular. I don’t think there is a tempting that has been adopted, so I think it is a really diverse environment.

** ──What are the favorite points of Tested while STIGMATA is playing?

Pick & van is interesting first. There are many players who play in a dialogue with their opponents by attacking and replacing the opponent’s Tested. To do so, from the Pick & Van stage, we will consider what the opponent’s weakness is and how to put a burden on the other party. For example, black hole has a technique to initialize the status of the opponent when synergies occur, but there must be a ground-type tempting next to the activation of the synergy effect.

So, I learn Black Hall, but when the temples are picked up, the players who are perfect will fight on the spot, even if the first-time team will think on the spot. There are many. The pick and van of Tested is deep, and if you want to close what the other person wants to do with a pick & van, you really know the knowledge. Because there is such a deep element, I enjoy thinking about parties, and sometimes I am thinking about a party all day. By the way, I think that I am good at pick & van than the average value, but since the upper rank is not at all, I am organizing a team so that I can easily pick and van. I often use a team that can be done mainly by thinking about the other party’s BAN as a main way to force myself to do what I want to do, so I can reduce the number of things to think in picks and vans.

Also, the good thing about TEM TEM is that there are no random numbers in the game. There is no random element, such as hit rate, key points, or probability of being abnormal condition, and additional effects are always activated. Even if you receive a weak attack, you will endure 100 % if you can withstand the calculation, so you can endure and counterattack. It’s hard to be affected by luck, so good people think about a few turns and choose their actions.

It tolerates each way of enjoying

I’m worried about the population of online when playing, but how many Japanese players are there?

There are many collectors in the country, and there are not many people who are competing. However, there are several Japanese tournaments that are progressing in Japanese, including the tournament I opened, and the number of people can be held at that time. In that sense, there are many people who can play well. And overall, in-game tournaments are held every week. The in-game tournament of Tested will be divided into tournaments from 16 to 32 if the number of participants is large, so it is not clear how many people are there, but there are many participants in the tournaments held three times on Saturdays and Sundays. You are gathering. Also, there are six tournaments in team competitions every week, and there are people gathering. I don’t think it’s a problem with opponents and competition content.

── Please give a message to the reader.

Tested is a fun game just to play the story part because you can enjoy it with your friends just by doing a scenario, and the difficulty is quite difficult. Then, when you want to do it, you may want to win in a rank match alone or go to the tournament. We also have content to fight together, and I think it’s a game that towers each person’s way of enjoying. If you have something to do with it, I want you to play Tested by all means.

Thank you.

Tested will be officially released on September 7 for PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The package version will be released from Playism for PlayStation 5/Nintendo Switch. For the package version, the regular version comes with a Tem picture book as the first privilege, and the price is 4980 yen including tax. In addition to the contents of the regular version, the deluxe version also comes with two cosmetics packs, Top Tamer and Stylish Suit, and is 7495 yen including tax.