We enter a weekend in which anime fans have an unavoidable appointment, since it opens in cinemSuper no less than Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which we have spoken long and lying this week. A summary with all the data, a critic without spoilers… We have everything about this new Goku and company adventure. But obviously it is not the only one, and if we go to the rooms these days we will find other important premieres. Let’s see the most prominent:

  • 42 seconds
  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
  • The test
  • Three thousand years waiting for you
  • Good luck, read big

42 seconds

Duration: 106 min.

Address: Alex Murrull, Dani of the Order

A few months after the Barcelona 92 Olympics, the Spanish water polo team hSuper all the numbers to pSupers without penalty or glory. They are not prepared and need a blow of effect if they do not want to make a fool of them playing in their own home. That revulsive comes in the form of a new coach with a fame of hard and work techniques rather than questionable. Super if that were not enough, the National Team hSuper two leaders faced by their way of understanding this sport: Manel Estiarte and Pedro García Aguado. But thanks to a superhuman effort, to teamwork and the support of an entire country, they will demonstrate the entire world that can be reached where they never imagined.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Duration: 100 min.

Address: Tetsuro Kodama

Son Goku destroyed at the time the red patrol. Now, certain individuals have decided to continue with him and have created the final androids: Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two androids proclaim themselves superheroes and decide to attack Piccolo and Gohan. What is the objective of the new red patrol? Faced with an imminent danger, the time for the awakening of the superhero is!


The test

Duration: 105 min.

Address: Dani of the Order

What would you choose, one hundred thousand euros now or one million in ten years? The premise seems simple. A marriage, Hector, 38 and Paula, 37, faces serious economic problems that will be tested by his rich friend Toni, but first they must agree on his choice. Héctor wants € 100,000 to try to renew his ruinous and unprofitable bar and turn it into successful business, but Paula prefers to wait for the Grand Prix. Adaptation of Jordi Vallejo’s work.

three my years waiting for you

Duration: 108 min.

Address: George Miller

Dr. in Literature Alithea Binnie (Tilda Swinton) seems to be happy with her life although she faces the world with some skepticism. She suddenly meets a genius (Idris Elba) who offers to grant her three wishes in exchange for her freedom. At first, she Alithea refuses to accept the offer since she knows that all stories about granting wishes end badly. The genius defends her position telling her various fantSupertic stories of her pSupert. Finally, she lets himself persuade and Superk for a desire that will surprise both.

Good luck, read big

Duration: 97 min.

Address: Sophie Hyde

Nancy Stokes, a retired school teacher, yearns for some adventure and sex. Good sex. The late husband of her Robert of her provided a home, a family and something similar to a life, but she never had good sex of him. Now that Robert died for a long time, Nancy launches her plan and hires a young Gigoló who responds to the exotic name of Leo Grande. In a hotel of Hotel Anónima, Nancy receives Leo. His appearance is Super good Super his photo, but what she didn’t expect wSuper a great conversation. Nancy discovers that she likes it. And he likes her. With great sexual confidence, Nancy begins to relax. In the course of his encounter, the dynamics of power changes and the mSuperks of the characters will begin to crumble.