Capcom has announced a new element, Puppy Discussion, which appears in the Nintendo Switch/PC’s hunting action Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake on the distribution program held on August 9.

In the first free title update (Ver.11), which will be held on August 10, new monsters will appear, and puppet quests will be even more powerful. In addition, a puppet-related research quest that is deeply involved with the puppet quest will be implemented.

■ Power-up puppet quest and puppet study quest to fight stronger opponents

[Extension of puppet quests]

In the previous version, we were able to play puppet quest up to EX ★ 4, but EX ★ 5 has been newly introduced. You can fight new puppetization monsters such as Luna Gallon and Oromidro subspecies.

It is said that the monster of EX ★ 5 will be released by promoting the puppet study quest.

[Publishing Discussion Quest]

This Puppy Discussing Quest was introduced as the most exciting element in this update. The level is set in the Publishing Quest, and the monster is enhanced according to the level. The rewards that can be obtained also change.

In addition, the play conditions such as target monsters, fields, and number of participants are randomly combined, so we will fight in various situations. Flexible response may be the key to victory.

In this puppet-based research quest, you can get special materials to enhance weapons and armor, so that hunters’ weapons are even more powerful.

[Puppet-creation: Enhancement of weapons]

Weapons enhanced to rare 10 can be puppet adaptation. A special slot is given to the puppet adaptation weapon, selecting enhancement items such as attack power and critical rate, and combined to customize it.

[Puppet-creation: strengthening armor]

You can use Public Quest Reward or Materials obtained from puppy monsters to puppet adaptation. Furthermore, by using the Publishing Quest Reward, it is also possible to enhance puppet that randomly grants defense, resistance, and skill points.

In addition, although the material is consumed, it can be seen off without looking at the random results, so it is possible to repeatedly seek equipment skills that match your style.

[Opening of a puppet research institute]

Researcher Bahari has opened a new puppet research institute. Here, you can exchange dedicated items obtained by rewards for the Publishing Quest as items that are useful for puppet-creation.

In addition, if you clear the puppet’s research quest, you can get research points, and if you accumulate a certain number, the research level will rise. This research level affects the level of the obtained puppet study quest.

Publish quests related to the implementation of Publishing Quest and strengthening further weapons have been further digged. The ranks of the puppet quests, the types of monsters that can be challenged, and the upper limit of the puppet-based quests will be updated at any time with the title updates scheduled in the future. While fighting a new strong enemy, please wait for further reports.

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