With the expansion pack secondary school years, the Sims 4 presents the new feature socially unpleasant. Sims with this feature feel concerns with social interactions, but likewise obtain unique benefits for the communication. In an internal meeting, author EA analyzes the method, talks concerning the motivation for setting up the feature, the benefits and also the obstacles.

EA concerning socially awkward Sims

This is exactly how the incentives look: Machata discusses that the characteristic boosts the danger that social interactions stop working. At the very same time, nonetheless, the SIM obtains much more positive sensations in the reaction to an one-of-a-kind gathering. In addition, the SIM is able to develop positive self-image as well as deeper as well as extra irreversible connections.

It is about: EA describes in the introduction of the interview that a person wishes to help neurodiversity and also reveal with the feature that awkwardness is definitely all right in the social framework. In the meeting, EA trainee Anna Machata manages the challenges and also advantages that the new feature brings.

Representation and also credibility: The trainee sees a method the brand-new feature to supply even more depiction. On top of that, pandemic caused the truth that there are raising fears, specifically among teens. One more reason to map them in the video game. Machata directly discuss this subject:

As a neurodive individual, I think that Sims must likewise live authentically. Creating a Sim like this was one more action in the direction of an extra realistic as well as comprehensive video game setting.

Here you can see a trailer for the brand-new high college expansion:

Concentrate on the favorable web pages: It is very important to her, according to Machata, especially the execution of favorable properties as well as benefits along with the reduction of preconception. The characteristic like pot as well as cover is especially most likely that two socially awkward-wealthy Sims friends end up being permanently. It is not just really hoping that gamers can better identify with the Sims in the future, yet that the brand-new feature also promotes discussions and also a much better understanding.

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The Senior High School Years expansion was published on July 28 for PS4, Xbox One and also Computer.
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The advancements represented a difficulty: Machata confesses that it was difficult to portray real anxieties, given that in truth they are activated by trigger, which are commonly improperly offered in the game setting. It was likewise hard to present concern as a comprehensible feeling.

Just how do you like that this brand-new feature has been carried out?

With the extension pack high school years, the Sims 4 introduces the brand-new feature socially awkward. Sims with this feature really feel fears with social interactions, however likewise get unique benefits for the communication. This is just how the incentives look: Machata clarifies that the characteristic rises the threat that social interactions stop working. Depiction and credibility: The trainee sees a way in the new feature to provide more representation. Emphasis on the positive web pages: It is crucial to her, according to Machata, specifically the implementation of favorable properties and also rewards as well as the reduction of preconception.