‘Web 3.0’ has surpassed the level of trend that only the blockchain industry is sympathetic. Large players of domestic and foreign big tech companies and traditional industries are also bored.

Nevertheless, there is a long way to go. Even if we hear that Web 3.0 is the trend and try to use related services, only the explanation of the way you don’t know what is. It is not easy to approach the service unless you have a background knowledge of virtual assets.

Even familiar people have a lot of inconvenience to endure. Compared to the usual web and apps, the method of use is cumbersome and security concerns are significant. The service staff who are anonymously exchanged are hard to believe. In fact, accidents are also frequent. There are too many hurdles to become commonplace.

Ryu Chun Hexelant’s thought is that user perceptions that sympathize with the purpose of Web 3.0 are spreading, but this technical problem is blocking the spread. As a developing company in virtual asset wallet solutions, the company plans to support technical problems professionally and to focus on planning web 3.0 services that can be successfully settled in the market.

We have heard of the prospects for Web 3.0 and hexlant’s business plan.

■ Web 3.0, it becomes natural

Q. The definition of Web 3.0 is divided. How are you looking?

The key to Web 3.0 is the community and decision-making rights. The user profit system provided by YouTube will be decided by the user community in the future.

This method of use is already spreading. YouTube ‘back advertisement’ controversy is an example. Even without the direct intervention of YouTube, the ecosystem was purified by sanctioning users by suspending subscriptions and watching video. Community-based governance has been done, and this will be natural in Web 3.0.

Rewards in Web 3.0 are provided by tokens. So the wallet becomes important. The transparent compensation payment system must be tracked, so blockchain technology is combined. It is a convenient technology in that there is no need for a separate contract or guarantor. Blockchain is not an all-round means of web 3.0, but it is effective as a technical means in the process of pursuing transparency and openness.

Q. How is the domestic and international market for web 3.0 recently?

I think there will be more services combined with real life. It is a picture that proves my identity and activities through the NFT in the web 3.0 community and is based on the proven contents.

If you look at what NFT means, it seems to be close to ‘regular’. There is a pride in the shop, a guest or a guest, and it gains more benefits than those who are not applicable. We expect more NFT to induce this effect. The same is true of the famous NFT project ‘BAYC’ is used for hamburger shops.

Now, when you sign up, you will go through the identity verification process every time, and in Web 3.0, there will be some NFT. In fact, companies are also considering membership NFT. As regulations are being tightened, the atmosphere of watching about the issue of tokens has greater. The parts of the web 3.0 in everyday life will be bigger in the future as NFT, DAO, and X2E appear.

Q. Mentioned models have recently been experiencing ups and downs.

The market now has more investors than users. It is a market with a high fear index. I don’t think investor movements represent market utility. I sympathize with the part.

In Korea, there are still many places that have the possibility of price increase in NFT projects, but overseas is a bit different. If you ask how much NFT price will rise, why do you ask that question? Many people considered more sincere community users as a means of building a close network, rather than seeing them as a means of pursuing market profits.

The generation that is interesting for the web 3.0 model is MZ generation. There is a reason. In the 1990s, 20s were not invested in various places. Stock investment was rare. It’s different now. The approach to investment is much lower. Interest in investment activities is also very large. As a market for everyone to issue tokens and exchanging NFTs with this token, there is a lot of user attempts.

The generation, who was in their 20s in the 1990s, did not know this trend, not actively, but rather looked into the market while investing seed assets. The current 2030 generation is active in resellers. When this generation is 4050 generations, it will be more active than the current 4050 generation. Rather than sticking to safety assets, we are likely to distribute investment to virtual assets.

Q. The long-term outlook for the global economy is not good, and the virtual asset market is also affected. Can the industry overcome ‘Crypto Winter’ and grow well?

Where and how to survive. A well-created service can endure. Otherwise, it can be dangerous. The market is more difficult and regulations are expected to be strengthened. Investors are more than users. It is ruined. It feels very difficult in unprecedented tightening situations, but the blockchain area is open to open source-based developer community. Winter will pass. The experience of blockchain products is difficult to experience in other services.

■ Hurdies Web 3.0… Internet shopping malls should be produced by PG

Q. There are also opinions that blockchain-based services are difficult to become common, while negatively forecasting Web 3.0. What elements do we need to be active in Web 3.0?

The usability of the wallet receiving the compensation should be improved, and the customer confirmation system (KYC) is also important. As the Trablold is implemented, the unidentified wallet is not transmitted. It is a reverse in terms of strongness, but the current wallet is too difficult and dangerous in terms of user perspective that wants more fun and convenient web 3.0 service.If the wallet to solve these problems appears, the market will grow more rapidly.

For example, if you create an Ethereum or Clayton wallet, you will be guided to create a encryption key. I have to save a key in English, but it’s usually bothersome to capture this. It is easy to be the starting point for hacking. Users who are conscious of this are also written in paper and keeps them on paper. It’s just like just putting a huge cash at home.


In order to create a wallet address under the operating system such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solara, and Polygon, each system is different, so each must be made different. Then there are encryption keys. How do you keep and manage this well? It is necessary to guarantee independent usability in line with the industry’s purpose of decentralization, but need a wallet that can be entrusted with security. In Korea, wallet solutions that focus on solving these problems are being released.

Q. Is there any regret for regulation?

At present, it is not easy to enter the market without being eligible for virtual asset operators (VASP). These companies are difficult to receive virtual assets and withdrawal. Structally, web 3.0 business is not activated.

In the end, the wallet management area and service area, which are in charge of asset deposits, must be separated. When you start a shopping mall, what kind of product you want to sell and what features will show, but the payment does not use PG service. The web 3.0 market is now used by the service provider, which is the area of PG. As a result, the regulation is caught.

No matter how popular Stephen is now, you can’t buy Solana right away. You have to go through a cumbersome process. Instead of appealing to deregulation, it is hoped that a policy plan that promotes industrial revitalization in the process of expanding regulations will be introduced. It’s not an environment where the service can be increased now.

■ Hexelant, I will be a trusted PG operator in the web 3.0 market

Q. As a virtual asset wallet solution operator, what is the future business plan?

We play the role of PG in the web 3.0 market. The goal is to reduce the burden of Web 3.0 companies by responding well to the regulatory response, and when the coin price rises, hackers gather, and then defend the financial sector. Developers have to respond 24 hours a day, and when developers go out, the product core stops, and this is the risk. The service provider needs to think about how to make a fun service and establish an appropriate compensation system. It will be removed.

The virtual asset wallet solution ‘octet’ to solve this part is ‘octet’. Usually more than 7 to 8 months of developer should be held to create a virtual asset wallet. Functions such as five-year-old deposits, dual withdrawal restrictions, internal authority management, internal rich activity tracking, and white list settings are supported, and real-time monitoring. The security requirements specified in the blockchain ISMS.

Currently, more than half of the domestic exchanges and more than 40% of VASP are using octet, which is aimed at adopting more than 70% of VASP. With the investment of 6.5 billion won, the corporate value was evaluated at W41bn. I was convinced that B2B products could be good enough. There is a clear plan to grow from 41 billion won to at least 200 billion won.

I will pay attention to regulatory response. Korea is the most difficult. Overseas are not so tight.

The operating system supported is also expected to increase further from 24. We will continue to update faster and more efficient blockchain. He is also considering Near and Avalandche. In the end, Web 3.0 is interested in enhancing the octet with a convenient tool for developers.

There are so many cryptocurrencies that are remitted through us, and there are also business models that operate some of the margins of the university.

There is also a B2C service ‘token bank’, which is like Toss of the financial sector. We are also thinking about app-to-app methods that safely manage their wallets through token banks. There are 11 coins listed in five Wonhwa Market Operating Exchange, but I think there will be a need to look at at once.

Q. In the virtual asset industry, hacking accidents are steady. What do you want to advise?

There are about 100 octet suppliers, and if you find an error in one place, you are applying it retroactively. It is safer than the owned wallet. It is easy to make a wallet, but it is difficult to manage every day. There is also a system in which triple security is applied.

Hackers are usually aiming for a major wallet where user assets gather. If you collect the deposit in a single wallet, the risk of hacking is huge. If you separate it into a number of wallets, you will have less assets that can be deodorized even if one wallet is hacked. 70-90%of assets are recommended to be kept in hard wallets.