The Entertainment Software Association, organizing entity of the E3, lost a large sum of cash as a result of the cancellation of the E3 of 2020 whose major reason was the Pandemia of the Coronavirus. In total there were 10 million dollars Those who stopped getting in, according to axios in an analysis of the tax obligation statements of the fiscal year of 2020.

The report indicates that the business gone into regarding 40 million of dollars in the of 2020, which represents a 25 % decrease in its revenue contrasted to the previous duration. ESA relies on the costs of the companies of video clip games such as Tencent, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc. The precise numbers are unidentified but the analysis suggests that Activision disbursed $ 680,000 .

Currently we understand that the E3 will certainly return to Los Angeles in 2023 at the 2nd week of June after that this version of 2022. Rather we had the Summer Seasons Video Game Feast , presented by Geoff Keight, that left us with interesting revelations as well as various novelties.

In 2019 the expenditures totaled up to $ 12 million while 17 million got in * according to, in 2019 the expenses of the fair amounted to 12 million dollars for 17 million in revenue . Additionally, Axios additionally shares a listing of costs of greater than 2.5 million dollars in issues connected to the protection of copyright civil liberties, freedom of speech, kids’s safety and security and Stem education and learning (science, design, math and modern technology ).