Errors of all kinds, anger of the players or even piracy, the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, the last action and role of CD Projekt Red , was more than full of events of all kinds. According to recent sources, this industrial accident was not only due to Polish study, but to an external quality control company, which subsequently denied the accusations against him. Anyway, the bad advertising generated by this chaotic launch sticks to the skin of the study and has great repercussions, especially at the economic level.

An impressive stock market descent

After three delays, the long-awaited RPG launched for PCs and consoles with a series of technical problems, which caused reimbursements and even the elimination of the PlayStation Store game. After six months of patches aimed at improving the game, finally returned to PlayStation Store in June 2021 , when CD Projekt said the Cyberpunk 2077 performance had reached a good enough level to be in the store… But the damage was done.

While the Polish study was valued at 40 billion Złoty Poles (around 8,400 million euros) before the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, it is now said that its total value is less than the 10 billion Zloty Poles (around 2.1 billion euros), an assessment that approaches the one in 2017. This estimate is the result of the vertiginous fall in the company’s shares, that have lost more than 75 % of its value since its last game was launched .

Techland takes the front

As a result, CD Projekt Red is no longer the most important game company from the financial point of view in Poland . The study has been surpassed by Techland, in particular the developer of the Dying Light franchise. Although the company does not quote on a stock market as CD Projakt, it is said that its valuation is 10,560 million Polish Zlotys.


_ With the repurchase of 15 million shares for a price of 900 million Polish Zlotys, an action is valued in 60 Polish Zlotys. Assuming that the company’s number of shares is 175.94 million, the implicit valuation of Techland It is 10,560 million Poles Zlotys _, said Puls Biznesu, an economist from Business Insider Poland.

The two studies have a very similar assessment and their next respective releases should be decisive. On the Techland side, a new AAA Action RPG was announced in the open world just after the launch of Dying Light 2, and on the CD Projakt side, the program is full, in particular, with a first extension for Cyberpunk 2077 but also the development of a new saga of The Witcher.