Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin are a risky undertaking. Now a huge company has discussed effrontery. It has to do with billions of euros that are handled by this company.

Crypto money are currently in crisis. The values of Bitcoin and Co are strong and also now lots of users market their mining equipment: former crypto miners flood the market with affordable graphics card offers and offer graphics cards under the recommended market price.

Currently the crisis has actually likewise captured a large company that is to formally manage Krpyto money worth billion United States bucks. Many users currently fear for their possessions

companies do not have one billion euros, users can no much longer do their properties.

** What kind of company is that?

What took place now? The company had to register personal bankruptcy in July 2022. The crypto profession as well as credit report company has obligations of $ 5.5 billion in its papers, however assets of $ 4.31 billion.

Hackers steal EUR 550 million from NFT game-Pokémon-like game was sadly also effective.

Lots of confidants from this company and made the most of the opportunities. A minimum of that’s what the possessions that Celsius Network manages. In May 2022, the company took care of more than $ 12 billion.

Currently a big company has actually explained insolence. It is about billions of euros that are managed by this company. In May 2022, the company managed more than $ 12 billion.

I can’t believe that I have actually learned it from a damn Reddit string and also not from the company… Other people have actually currently shed a great deal of cryptocurrency. Currently Cyberpunk captured cryptocurrency worth 550 million euros:.

The equivalent of over one billion euros is missing. As well as this statement crashes many users who trusted Celsius Network. Due to the fact that lots of users had actually probably produced cash below.

My cost savings are gone as well as I handled to spoil my life.

** The company had to sign up insolvency in July 2022. The crypto trade and also credit company has liabilities of $ 5.5 billion in its files, but possessions of $ 4.31 billion.


A couple of weeks previously, Celsius Network had obstructed users’ accounts to make sure that nobody might draw their cash off. For that reason, nobody concerns his fortune that exists there on the accounts and also servers.

On top of that, users were able to deposit numerous electronic currencies on their purse and then obtained portion returns.

These are the reactions to bankruptcy: Both in the official subreddit of Celsius Network and also in various other strings, users talk about the bankruptcy of the company.

Some additionally get distressed concerning the lack of openness of the company. The company still sends out emails regarding benefit settlements every week. Others whine that they had just experienced personal bankruptcy by coincidence (using

Lots of people are horrified and also surprised, because nobody is certain what takes place to their cash. An individual composes on Reddit: My financial savings are gone and also I handled to destroy my life.