Developer THERA BYTES and Publisher Aerosoft have announced the early access starting time of Zombie Cure Lab **in the third quarter of 2022.

This work is a simulation game operated by a zombie therapy research institute that aims to revive the world after the ruin of zombies. Players will conduct research to explore zombie therapy while conducting a few scientists who have survived underground and securing essentials for terrestrial life, such as food, power, and shelters. In addition, the ground in the daytime is relatively calm, but at night, a group of zombies appears and changes completely. It is also necessary to prepare a defensive device such as a frozen beam and a barrier that can withstand zombies attacks.

Incorritating zombies are brought into the laboratory and targeted for clinical trials. Members of zombies and human hybrids, Humbie, will be able to be treated as an employee who moves as programmed. However, half of them remain zombies, so if they are lacking in meals, personal space, and recreation, they may regain ferocity and start rampaging in the laboratory.

ZOMBIE CURE LAB is scheduled to start early access to Steam in the third quarter of 2022. The demo version is distributed on the store page.